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Former Zuleyka Rivera denounced for physical and verbal aggression by who was his partner, Osmariel Villalobos

Osmariel Villalobos with the complaint to the police for aggression against his former Germán Rosete.

Photo: Osmariel Villalobos / Instagram / Courtesy

Germán Rosete, former of Zuleyka rivera He was reported today for physical and verbal aggression by who was his partner, Osmariel Villalobos.

Through your Instagram account, and with the medical report, the police report and the summons in hand, the Venezuelan model explained the ordeal she experienced last Wednesday when, afterWhen his partner kissed another woman while he was with her in a nightclub, he assaulted her verbally, psychologically and physically to the point of leaving her naked several times in the street when he ripped her dress.

“I have never stopped doing anything out of fear, but I have stopped talking and saying many things out of fear… Before everything comes to light I go ahead and I want to tell you my truth and what I experienced three days ago ”, Osmariel began by saying in the video where he was clearly seen arms full of bruises.

“I don’t want to become the victim, I just want to transform the negative experience of my life, intobe the voice of many women who have been victims of violence and have kept silent. I am not the exception, ”he continued.

“I was a victim of physical, emotional and verbal abuse from my ex-partner who exposed to the greatest humiliation of my life… That person who swore to protect me and take care of me, that same person mistreated me, ”he continued.

The Venezuelan model reported that on Wednesday, August 11 at dawn, they were in a nightclub when saw Rosete in a suspicious attitude with another girl. He said that before the claim her ex reacted badly and she apologized to him.

But 10 minutes later, the model said that she saw that the Mexican businessman and the girl got up and he found them in a corner kissing. After that, an argument broke out at the door of the nightclub that ended, according to the model, with the ripping of her dress by her partner until then.

“All his demons came out, he got very aggressive and tore my dress … He left me naked in front of so many people. How could I tie it up and he broke it again … He insulted me, he paid me in the head“, Continued the model.

According to the story, in the taxi they took, he continued insulting her and ripping her dress. Osmariel explained that he wanted to record it so that the next day he himself could see what he had done, but he almost broke his cell phone.

Why did you say that for him to see himself? Well, according to the model, this was not the first episode of this type that they lived and, the next day, he doesn’t remember anything.

Already arrived at the hotel, said he threw her on the floor and ran to the hotel lobby, where they gave her a robe. At that time he says that he decided not to report him in order to protect him.

The next day the physical abuse was not as hard as the emotional oneFor this person, nothing had happened and I had exaggerated everything … At that moment I said to myself: ‘what am I doing?’ ”, he continued.

It was there where he says he reacted in that it was not worth justifying someone who clearly did not love her, did not value her, that he was going to throw her out on the street after a year and a half together and says that he decided to end the relationship.

I went to the medical service, they evaluated all the injuries to my body, then I went to the police, I made my report and the police summons before the court next week … And beyond all this, the important thing is that there is no one good or bad, I understand where he acts from, I understand his frustrations, his pains, his faults, more I cannot accept and be complicit in that... My message today is to denounce, it is not to remain silent, because this cannot happen, no woman should be a victim of violence“, He assured.

The couple started the relationship after Rosete ended his courtship with Erika Cisiszer, who in turn began the relationship with the businessman after he surprisingly ended up with his partner from ‘Un Nuevo Día’, Zuleyka Rivera.

The reprehensible fact It happened in Marbella, Spain, where the couple was enjoying a few days of rest and travel. Next week both will have to appear in front of the judge.



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