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Formula 1 and coronavirus: What measures have changed compared to the previous season?

Bahrain opens the Formula 1 World Cup with an audience in the stands despite the coronavirus.

The traffic light of the Formula 1 turns green this weekend in the second season marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, although it will be the first planned from the beginning under the health alarm.

Prevention measures and tests will once again be key in the competition, but the World Cup aims to partially recover a certain normality, such as the attendance of the public in some tests, a circumstance that in a very limited way could be rehearsed in 2020.

Formula 1 wants to maintain the anticovid bubble that was successfully applied last year and will maintain the mandatory PCR tests every five days for all staff. In addition, it will limit the contacts between members of different teams or between those in charge of the different logistical aspects.

Beyond the protocols to detect and exclude those infected, the great hope this year to counter the threat of the disease lies, without a doubt, in the vaccine. However, the slowness of its administration in the world and the refusal of the organization to accept offers such as that of Bahrain, where the first race is held, to inoculate all the members of the ‘Great Circus’ have cooled its short-term impact.

Formula 1 left, in any case, the decision to accept the offer of the Arab country in the hands of each one. In fact, Carlos Sainz, who debuted with Ferrari this year, was one of those who agreed to be inoculated with vaccine, as he recognized a few days ago. But aside from That this type of offer can be repeated in other appointments, it is foreseeable that over the next few months, before the end of the competition, already in December, the drivers and personnel that make the World Cup go ahead will have been incorporated into the immunization campaigns from their own countries.

The pandemic has not managed, in any case, to stop the Formula 1 World Cup, which in fact will go down in history this year as the longest ever, with 23 grand prizes scheduled.

Public in the stands of Formula 1?

The great unknown for fans is to know if they will be able to return to the stands of the circuits. Also for the pilots, who miss their warmth. The decision will depend on the authorities of each country, and it is difficult to make forecasts in the framework of a pandemic whose evolution in the coming months is still unpredictable.

It doesn’t seem like fans will be crowding the seats again, but it is hoped that more disease control and improved protocols will help restore color to racing and alleviate the sense of emptiness that characterized testing last year.

Up to now, Bahrain It has already announced that it will allow those who have been vaccinated with the two doses of the vaccine and those who demonstrate to have overcome the disease to attend its grand prize. Conversely, Portugal He has confirmed that he will choose prudence and will not open the stands.

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