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Formula 1 and Moto GP will continue to be held in Montmeló until 2026

  • The Government renews the contracts with the two world championships and links them to a rethinking of the Circuit to adapt it to the commitment “to sustainability and direct links with the territory”

The Government of Catalonia announced this Tuesday that the Generalitat has authorized Circuits de Catalunya to sign the contract renewal from Formula 1 and Moto GP until the year 2026. The spokesperson for the Generalitat, Patricia plaja, has ensured that said renewal will not affect the negotiations of the 2022 Generalitat Budgets and is linked to a rethinking of the circuit “to adapt it to the commitment to sustainability and the direct link with the territory “.

At the same time, the spokesperson has defended that “another Circuit de Catalunya is possible and that is what the Government will do”, although she has not given details of how it will be put into practice. Montmeló is, today, the only circuit in Spain in Formula 1 and one of the four in Moto GP on Spanish soil.

New uses for Montmeló

Plaja has stated that the Generalitat intends to promote a “new paradigm” in the Circuit that will be specified in the coming weeks and that will propose different uses of the circuit beyond the Formula 1 and Moto GP Grand Prix.

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Although he has not given more details, he assures that this renovation will allow “the transition period to a new Circuit de Catalunya” to begin. Eulalia Reguant, spokesman for the CUP in the Parliament, has criticized it harshly. The Formula 1 and Moto GP contracts have been one of the issues that his training has always rejected: “They were not the Budgets of the macroprojects. They were transformative and green,” he said with irony about the sustainability of the circuit.

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Circuits de Catalunya has a budget of 50.9 million euros for this year, while the 2020 budget, created before Covid-19, was 48 million. The company, Circuits de Catalunya, foresees the close of financial year 2021 with losses of 1.34 million euros, which will rise to 2.16 million euros in 2022. The company is owned by the Generalitat, which has a 78, 3. 4%; of the RACC company, with 14.44%, and of the Montmeló City Council, with the remaining 7.22%.

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