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Formula 1: Fernando Alonso will race with two titanium plates in his jaw | sports

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, during a photo session at the Bahrain circuit.
The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, during a photo session at the Bahrain circuit.DPA via Europa Press / Europa Press

The Formula 1 preseason started in Bahrain and the television operators could not cope this Wednesday, racing up and down the paddock of the Sakhir circuit so as not to miss the most striking news of the World Championship that will start in two weeks (March 28) on this same track. The image of Sebastian Vettel with the Aston Martin polo shirt competed with that of Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari jumpsuit, with that of Mick Schumacher in his debut with Haas and with the always profitable Lewis Hamilton, which this course will try to overcome. record of seven titles shared with The Kaiser. And despite so much offer, the most sought after photo of all was that of Fernando Alonso. Not only because of the Asturian’s return to the championship two years after having left it voluntarily. But to see in what conditions he would face this readjustment to the car after the accident he suffered just a month ago, in Lugano, when he was run over while training on a bicycle. The misfortune forced him to undergo surgery and prevented him from attending the presentation of his team, renamed Alpine, but which drinks from the source of Renault, with whom Alonso won the two titles (2005 and 2006) that appear on his sheet of services.

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The Spaniard will get on the A521 this Saturday, after his new partner, Esteban Ocon, premiered it in the first of the only three days of rehearsals that will take place before the first grand prize. As he stated this Friday, the fall on the bike will not hinder him when he gets on the car, and, in fact, hardly affected his physical set-up. “My preparation has not been delayed, I simply missed some marketing events, something that is not too bad,” joked Alonso, who gave some details about the intervention he underwent in Bern. “I have two titanium plates on my jaw, which will not be removed until the end of the season, but which will not affect me. I have exercised during the last two weeks in a completely normal way, and I was in the simulator on Monday and Tuesday ”, assured the Alpine rider, who at 39 and after two training in other disciplines –has raced in endurance competitions and he participated in the Dakar 2020 – he will face his 18th year at the event.

The Spaniard returns to the F-1 with all the honors, as world endurance champion and as a double winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in both cases with Toyota. “The last two years I performed at my highest level, driving better than ever. I had to decide what my next challenge was going to be and, being so good, I thought F1 was the place I had to be. I feel like I still have work to do ”, reflected Alonso, who, yes, asks for patience from his followers and those of the French team, who have not celebrated the alirón since the last with him, 15 years ago. “To win races and titles you need several things. You need the set, the luck, the inertia. That is something we want to build with Alpine. I can’t take it for sure, but if we do everything in our power, we will fight for it in the future, ”the runner added.

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