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Fortnite: 5 keys to the success of the video game that sweeps among young people

To say that Fortnite, One of the multiplayer shooters that came out in 2017, is revolutionizing the landscape of video games is falling too short. When even an Ohio university (Ashland) offers scholarships for gamers and includes the game in its official list of sports gamers, one realizes that the product has crossed borders. And is that a way Battle Royale of 100 players who fight to life or death in a world postapocaliptic It is a very salable claim, especially among children and adolescents, who cover the broad spectrum of the almost 50 million total users that the video game has today. A minor from Castellón, who has been the first hospitalized in the world for addiction to video games, was hooked on this game.

The social impact of the title that bears the seal of Epic Games it is being very big, so much so that there are those who claim to have become “addicted” to it. “At first I thought it was a passing fad. But one day my friends tricked me into trying it and now I’m hooked. Nobody takes my three hours a day from me,” he admits. Sergi Rodriguez, regular player, 24 years old. But, Why does your gaming experience capture so much? What makes it different from the rest? How has it managed to become a mass phenomenon?

1. It’s free and has its own servers

In the century XXI, the “total free” has become a very important element to take into account. First, because it allows anyone to experiment with a title without having to shell out a single euro. In the case of Fortnite, it is even better: the game has its own servers, so it is not necessary for the player to pay a monthly subscription to play online. And second, because it does not deprive the company of profitability. Proof of this is the income from microtransacciones you are racking up the game in your On-line shop. According to the forecasts of the specialized publication Sensor Tower, said income could end the year above 1,000 million euros, that is, that Fortnite would generate 10 times the annual collection of Spanish cinema! Of course, none of the elements that are included in the purchases of the application provides a competitive advantage over the rest of the players -they are cosmetic improvements, customization-, which makes the difference between Fortnite and the rest of the titles behind it. free to play (F2P) normally hide the dreaded pay to win (P2W).

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2. It is multiplatform

The current monopoly of Fortnite is due to the fact that, unlike its main competitors, it is available on almost all platforms: PC, Xbox One y Playstation 4, in addition to the devices iOS and, soon, in Android. That is, using a computer the player can face people who play from a mobile, a console or a tablet, which implies an interaction between users and an accessibility to the game that has completely broken all barriers.

3. You have the ‘influencers’ on your side

Fortnite is breaking records to the rhythm of frenzied shooting, construction and dancing that have been imitated by dozens of celebrities such as the footballer Antoine Griezmann or the singer Drake. Youtubers, streamers and other content generators on the networks also contribute to this boom, who have become – knowingly or not – the main allies of the American company in cyberspace. Examples of them are Tyler Ninja o The RubiusFigures capable of keeping the “novelty factor” of a video game based on adrenaline shots in the form of streaming games on the crest of the wave.

One of these transmissions, precisely from El Rubius, brought together 100 youtubers from all over the world youtubers in a game last March and ended up exceeding the figure of one million viewers, which made it the ‘streaming’ of a video game most followed in the history of Youtube. It is estimated that, taking into account that each of the participants broadcast on their own channel, the total figures could at some point exceed 10 million viewers (an outrage!). Having all these influencers on your side is one of the main keys to the success of Fortnite and helps to understand how to achieve large audiences among a type of audience increasingly removed from the classic television grills.

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4. It has a dynamic mechanics and bets on the visual

“I hate campers [los jugadores cuya táctica es permanecer agazapado hasta que alguien se pone en su punto de mira]! That’s why I play Fortnite. Because as the game progresses the map gets smaller and that forces them to move and get out of their hole, “he says. Carlos Pelegrina, another Fortnite player, 25 years old. One of the characteristic elements of this Battle Royale, apart from the simplicity of its controls and the fact of being able to build things and intervene in the manipulation of the scene, is the existence of a toxic gas storm that is expanding from time to time, reducing the map of the game and affecting the mechanics of the game. In order not to die intoxicated, the player must always be within the eye of the storm, a circle that is indicated on the map and that indicates the safe zone. This is repeated over and over again until the end of the game. The idea: encourage encounters between players, provoke much more action and make each game something epic and fast-paced.

In this sense, another of the great advantages of Fortnite is that it uses a graphics engine created by the company itself: the Unreal Engine. Epic Games has been experimenting with this graphics engine since 1998, and that degree of experience is the main reason why both the animation of the characters and the recreation of the world are so attractive and fluid. On the other hand, the game has a very naive and colorful style, of fantasy, type ‘cartoon’, which delights the main ‘target’ of the game, the adolescents’millennials’, but it also delights the most veteran, who see in these casual graphics an alternative to the more realistic ‘shooters’ without sacrificing aspects such as difficulty or fun.

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5. Daily ‘feedback’ with the community

Epic Games You know that right now you have the goose that lays golden eggs, that is why it is focusing practically all its resources on it and maintains a ‘feedback’ with the user community to maximize performance of the product and correct errors. That study’s commitment to the game is confirmed in each of the updates, which are brought in every two or three weeks. new content that improves the experience, brings freshness and makes the game not fall into monotony. The last one, precisely, is giving a lot to talk about because it has come with the temporary collaboration of the film of the moment: ‘Avengers: Infinity War ‘. Fruit of an agreement with Marvel, players can now find the Infinity Gauntlet and thus become the almighty Thanos. It is unknown how long this special event will last, but the truth is that it has already amazed millions of fans of both franchises.

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