Tuesday, July 27

Four arrested in La Vila and Finestrat for eleven thefts of copper in the supply network

Image of the material recovered in the operation

Image of the material recovered in the operation

The Civil Guard has detained four people in La Vila Joiosa Y Finestrat for his alleged involvement in eleven copper robberies committed in the area of ​​the Marina Baixa. One of those arrested is the alleged perpetrator of the robberies, while two others would be responsible for scrap yards where the stolen material was sold. The fourth arrested a woman who is considered an accessory to these robberies.

The Civil Guard of Alicante considers clarified, within the framework of the Operation Cobremonti, a total of 11 crimes of theft of copper cable, from the public supply, produced in the towns of Villajoyosa and Orxeta. The alleged perpetrator of the robberies is a Villajoyosa neighbor who was arrested on June 18. After searching his home, 30 kilos of clean cable ready to be sold were seized, among other things.

At the end of last May, the Civil Guard of Alicante verified that there had been a rebound in the commission of copper thefts from public power lines, locating these events in different areas of the towns of La Vila Joiosa and Orxeta. The Investigation Area of ​​the Main Post of the Civil Guard of La Vila Joiosa began the so-called Operation Cobremonti.

The investigations led them to a 40-year-old Spanish person and a resident of this town as a possible perpetrator of the events that, according to the agents, was traveling to commit the robberies with his own vehicle and, after taking over the cables, he went to your home to cut, peel and store them, both inside the house and in an existing sewer inside your plot. The reason for cutting and stripping the cables is because it pays much better in a junk yard clean copper.

Finally, on June 18, the investigators proceeded to his arrest, at that time, the suspect was carrying tools and copper that could have been stolen moments before from a transformer. In the same act, a 23 year old spanish woman Accused, in addition to covering up 10 of the robberies, his collaboration as an accomplice in one of them, and his participation in the sale of material stolen in all the robberies.

In the search carried out at the home of the alleged perpetrator, in addition to the vehicle used to commit the robberies, numerous tools, shears, a light box opening key and 30 Kilograms of copper stripped and ready for sale were intervened.

The detainee, who was finally charged with a total of 11 crimes of robbery with force of copper cable, passed the next day at the disposal of the Court of Instruction one of La Vila Joiosa, where he was released with charges.

In a second phase of the operation, the Civil Guard began to investigate the possible irregularities that could have occurred from the sale of the material stolen from the junkyards. Specifically, the main buyers were two metal recovery centers, both located in the town of Finestrat. After carrying out inspections, the agents arrested the owner and one of the workers of one of the centers under investigation for a possible reception offense, since they acquired 818 kilograms of copper knowing its possible illicit origin.

The operation is still open and new arrests are not ruled out in the future.


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