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Four cruelly disabled people murdered in a German clinic

Correspondent in Berlin



The Police received a call around nine o’clock at night and two agents attended, who asked for reinforcements as soon as they arrived at the clínica Thusnelda von Saldern Haus, specialized in housing people with physical or mental disabilities. Most of the residents at this clinic in Babelsberg, Potsdam, half an hour from Berlin, suffer from blindness or autism. Shortly after nine o’clock at night they began to arrive ambulances and more police cars. The Homicide Squad took over the investigation and a spokesperson reported on the horrific crime. “The bodies of four patients have been found and these are malicious crimes,” he explained to the astonishment of the neighbors. It also reported that the four victims had died from “extreme and severe use of violence” and that the first line of investigation is focused on the clinic staff. ‘We think it may have been an employee. The reason is still not clear to us, “he added.

Shortly thereafter, an ambulance transferred a “seriously injured” person about whom the police have not provided details. The four deceased were in different rooms all of them located on the top floor and that the Scientific Brigade has studied throughout the night. A forensic station was established in the north wing of the building while statements were taken from clinic workers and patients trained to testify. Early morning A 51-year-old woman was detained from the building and considered suspected of “intentional homicide”. In addition to the agents of the Prosecutor’s Office, a warned chaplain and relatives arrived. Already during the day, the funeral cars in which the bodies have been removed and the Brandenburg State Psychology Service began to arrive, which according to what has transpired is paying on-site care to several employees of the clinic and will receive throughout the day to the total of between 70 and 80 workers, who will be incorporated in different shifts.

The gravest crime in decades in Potsdam

Saldern-Haus is part of Oberlin-Lebenswelten, a diaconal organization for the care of the disabled. More than 400 educators, nurses and physicians, occupational therapists, special educators, and other employees work there. In addition to this clinic, the hospital complex to which it belongs includes nurseries and schools, workplaces and housing areas for people with disabilities and counseling centers. The Oberlinhaus association describes itself on its website as a “diaconal competence center for participation, health, education and work in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.” According to their website. This clinic offers adults with physical and multiple disabilities a permanent home.

A West Police Department homicide commission headed by the Potsdam prosecutor has taken up the case and imposed a informational blackout until all the relatives of the dead are notified and the rest of the residents’ relatives are correctly informed, before more information is made public about the victims and the circumstances of the crime, which has aroused great expectation because it is the most serious homicide in Potsdam for decades. Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße, where the clinic is located, has been cordoned off.

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