Thursday, December 8

Four members of kidnapped family found dead in California

The corpses of the four members of a kidnapped family on Monday in the city of Merced (central California, United States) appeared this Wednesday afternoon in an orchard in a nearby town, county authorities reported.

The bodies belong to a marriage of 27 and 36 years old, her 8-month-old baby and the child’s uncle, 39, what were they kidnapped at gunpoint Monday when they were in the family business they ran.

“Tonight our worst fears have been confirmed, we have found without life to the four people of the kidnapping“Said Vern Warnke, Merced County Sheriff, in an appearance before the local media deployed in the area.

According to the authorities, the motive for the kidnappings and murders is not yet known, but the 48-year-old man suspected of perpetrating the crime has been detained since Tuesday after attempting to commit suicide in the city of Atwater, also close to Mercy.

“There are no words right now to describe the anger I feel and the senselessness of this event. I’ve said it before, there is a place in hell waiting for this guy,” Warnke said.

pictures of the kidnapping

The discovery of the bodies came hours after the authorities made the images public. surveillance footage showing the kidnapping.

According to the account of the ‘sheriff’, a worker from a nearby rural area reported that he had found four bodies around half past five in the afternoon. A device of agents arrived at the scene shortly after to determine that the bodies belonged to the missing family.

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In the recordings of the security cameras it was recorded how the two murdered men interacted with the suspect on Monday morning outside your business.

Immediately afterwards, it is seen how he takes a firearm out of a white garbage bag, leads the relatives inside the building and, shortly after, They leave with their hands tied. The suspect then puts them into the victims’ own truck and they drive away.

the varon came back six minutes later, took the woman and the baby out the back door of the business, He put them in the same truck and they lost track.

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Hours later, authorities found this vehicle on fire in the town of Winton, less than 12 miles from Merced, and began an investigation.

The detainee was already sentenced in 2005 for armed robbery and was paroled in 2015. After this event, Sheriff Vern said he hopes the district attorney will decide “apply the death penalty” if he is ultimately responsible for the crime.

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