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Four of the Best Costa Sunglasses Styles for Women in 2021

Women’s sunglasses should be fashionable and functional, and Costa sunglasses adapt to these demands. Not only can these sunglasses withstand a tough lifestyle running around town or strolling downtown with friends, they also offer stellar quality for sports or water activities. Costa is a brand that offers haute couture and great features wherever your lifestyle takes you.

The Costa difference

The durability of Costa sunglasses It is one of the main reasons why these are some of the most popular eyewear options for women. Costa produces polarized lenses for its sunglasses, which reduce eyestrain and improve visual comfort. Reflective glare is a problem for water activities, but it can also be a challenge for any outdoor activity. For the benefit of anyone buying Costa glasses, the 580G glass lenses are scratch-proof, lightweight, mirrored, and 100% polarized. Take a look at these trendy designs for the modern woman.

1. Waterwoman

Choose from a matte shadow turtle frame color or a glossy palm turtle for this stylish pair of sunglasses, and pair it with a green mirror polarized glass lens or gray polarized polycarbonate. The frame is best suited to those with a narrow head shape and is medium in size. This pair appeals to active women who live their lives in or around the water, as the frame boasts a strong and adventurous design with stylish performance features.

2. Bank

Make a stunning impression on the beach with this sparkly taupe crystal pair prescription sunglasses. The subtlety of the frame is illuminated by the copper polycarbonate lenses, which are fully polarized. This is a perfect pair for women who have a rounder and wider head shape as the frame is the same size. This wide frame works well for both surfing and sand, provides 100% UV protection, and the classic west coast style makes it a stylish companion for your outdoor adventures.

3. Island

If you are looking for a smaller pair of glasses that fit well with a rounded head shape, you can’t beat the look and function of these tortoise frame sunglasses, Wall with Mirror Light Wave Polarized Glass Lenses Brilliant blue, this pair beautifully captures the crystal clear turquoise waters of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. 580G lenses allow you to absorb the sun and every detail of the beauty around you, as they are anti-reflective with sharp visual clarity.

4. Bimini

With three frame color options and two lens options, a pair of Bimini sunglasses can go with any outfit and any event. Glossy Abalone, Glossy Sunset, and Glossy Deep Teal Glass come with copper, gray light wave glass or silver gray mirror glass to provide 100% UV protection and polarization. This pair has a large cat eye lens with an acetate frame inspired by the many colors of the sea. It is a perfect option for those with a round and wide head, as they are of a large size.

The place to shop

Have your own pair of Costa sunglasses, go to Safety Gear Pro. We have a great selection of Costa haute couture prescription sunglasses for women, perfect for sunny days on the water or long days outdoors. Find perfect clarity, complete protection and excellent fashion by purchasing a pair of Costa Goggles from Safety Gear Pro.

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