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Four tricks so that they do not discover that you have read a message

It is not always good for us to respond to a WhatsApp but not everyone understands that you do not do it instantly. To avoid these “susceptibilities” there are tricks that the instant messaging application offers us so that You can read a message but the person who sent it to you does not know that you have read it. That is, you can read it but that person will not get the double check.

However, whether it is because you cannot or do not want to answer at the moment, there are several “tricks” that you can put into practice to read a message on WhatsApp without knowing who sent it to you. They are as follows:

1. Turn off the read receipt

The blissful tick o check azul. In the past, the double gray check already generated some controversy, because some users believed that it meant that a message had been read, rather than delivered. Then came the blue tick to turn social networks upside down and generate even more commotion; the tick that “violated” -even more- our privacy, that revealed whether or not we had read the messages they sent us. WhatsApp rectified soon after and allowed to disable option, and that is what we are going to recommend at this point if what you want is more privacy and more “space”.

Keep in mind, yes, that when disable this option (in all operating systems) others will not be able to see if you have seen their messages or not but you will not be able to know if they have seen yours either. To deactivate the blue tick, follow these steps:

  1. Enter ‘WhatsApp Settings’

  2. Click on ‘Account’

  3. Click on ‘Privacy’

  4. Click on ‘Reading confirmation’ and here deactivate the option

2. Use airplane mode

If we are going to do it in a less usual way or for a particular contact we can use this formula, that of the airplane mode. It is simple but be prepared for a few steps. When you receive a WhatsApp message, a notification will appear on the screen. If it’s one of those messages that you want to read without the other person knowing, don’t open the message. Do the following first: Activate the phone’s airplane mode (Airplane mode takes care of deactivating the data connection or connection to a Wi-Fi network).

Once the airplane mode is activated, you can enter WhatsApp and read the message. Once read, you have to exit the application and close it so that the message is not marked as read before deactivating airplane mode again.

To close the application, in iOS we must double click on the “home” button. Next, a window will be displayed with the last applications or pages visited. You have to slide those windows up and it will close.

On Android, recent applications or windows are usually closed also through a button located in the lower right corner of the screen with one or two rectangles. When all open applications appear, we must close them by sliding our finger over the ones we want to close (in this case WhatsApp).

3. Activate pop-up notifications

Another way to read the messages if they are not very long is to do it through the pop-up notifications, without entering the application or even from the locked phone.

In iOS we will activate the notifications from the Settings menu and in Android we will enter the application settings within WhatsApp, click on notifications and we will enter pop-up notifications. Here you have to check the option to “always show popup element”.

Pop-up notifications are those in the middle of the screen. On Android phones, the ones that appear at the top of the screen are just the message preview.

4. Use the Android Widget

If you have an Android phone, you can add a widget for WhatsApp that will allow you to read the messages in a pop-up window. To add it, you just have to click on a clean area of ​​the screen and choose the Widgets option (previously you will have to have activated the option “Enable Widgets” in the ‘Settings’ section.

When you find the WhatsApp widget, you just have to click on it and drag it to your screen in the place you have chosen. The only ‘but’ of this option is that it does not allow you to see emoticons, images or videos, only text.

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