Monday, April 15

FOX announces impressive post-retirement gig for Tom Brady

New England Patriots immortal Tom Brady fooled us all when he announced that he would return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 NFL season. Even though he is coming back to the league for one more year, retirement can’t be too far around the corner.

While he is getting into the movie production business and has his own line of TB12 merchandise to sell, Brady’s next move still seemed unclear when it came to his life after football. It would feel weird to see Brady selling NFTs and remaining disconnected from the sport he loves.

While there were whispers that he could move into the executive realm with the Dolphins, Brady never really closed the door on an analyst or broadcasting journey. All those Patriots fans who wished that Brady was up in the broadcast booth can finally have their wishes granted.

Brady has finally made up his mind on his post-football life, as FOX Sports confirmed on an earnings call that he has a spot as an NFL analyst lined up for him whenever he retires. Brady will reportedly join FOX’s new top team with Kevin Burkhardt after Joe Buck and Troy Aikman left for ESPN. That’s one way to answer Tony Romo at CBS.

Ex-Patriots QB Tom Brady will become a FOX analyst.

Elite quarterbacks of his era have chosen all sorts of different paths after their careers have ended. While Brett Favre has largely stayed out of the limelight save for some radio spots, Drew Brees joined NBC’s team as an analyst and Notre Dame broadcaster. Peyton Manning has his production company all over ESPN.

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Brady will (likely) get the opportunity to call a Super Bowl in 2025 at Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans. He just missed out on calling this year’s Super Bowl, which is also broadcast by FOX. If he’s one-third as good a broadcaster as he was a quarterback, FOX got an A+ replacement for Buck and Aikman.

While making the transition to the broadcast booth can be challenging for some former players, Brady appears to be outgoing and gregarious enough to make the switch without too much of a learning curve. Given the ratings success Romo has been, grabbing star quarterbacks out of retirement might be the formula moving forward.

Brady might not be with the Buccaneers for much longer if he already has a career after football lined up like this. Patriots fans who were nervous about getting their Brady fix without his presence on the field do not have to worry anymore after this announcement.

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