Monday, October 25

Fox News has never had a competition like this, after criticism from Trump

(CNN Business) –– Supporters of President Donald Trump are looking for different alternatives to Fox News, after the president criticized the network that, like the mainstream media, declared the victory of the presidential race for Joe Biden.

Newsmax and One America News are two of the major beneficiaries from the wrath of Trump and his supporters. The two media falsely claim that the president won the 2020 elections. And the audience of the channels has increased in recent days.

Although Biden prevailed in the presidential race – a fact that Trump acknowledged Sunday – Greg Kelly, Newsmax’s highest-rated anchor, says the president will prevail and be president for another four years. The network went from having about 100,000 viewers a day on a good day to about a million viewers on Kelly’s show.

“Fox has never seen a competition like this,” CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said Sunday on “Reliable Sources.” “There is a demand for a fictional universe… Reliable news sources have moved primarily to cover President-elect Biden. There is a whole constellation of websites and talk shows that are in denial just like Trump.

To help increase the audience for Fox News rivals, Trump told his Twitter followers to give Newsmax and One America News a try. In a Sunday tweet, the president criticized Fox, writing: “Try @OANN and @newsmax, among others!”

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Trump criticizes Fox News, but touts anchors he admires

Yet this weekend, Trump continued to promote Fox News and the anchors he admires. Among them, Jesse Watters, Jeanine Ferris Pirro and Sean Hannity, who have cast doubt on the election results. He also tweeted that people should watch his attorney Rudy Giuliani’s appearances on Fox.

TV presenters are pressured by viewers in ways that never happened in the 1980s or 1990s, Julie Roginsky, a former Fox News contributor and Democratic strategist, noted on “Reliable Sources.”

“That has a huge influence on the information you receive,” he said.

Fox ha dominated right-wing television for more than a decade. However, the chain’s monopoly is beginning to break down. Right-wing viewers began to express their frustration with Fox after that the network projected that Biden Arizona would win at the start of the election.

“Donald Trump has become more important to these people than what they see on television,” Roginsky said. “It’s a drug,” he stressed. “They are literally giving their viewers a drug.”

Right-wing viewers are looking for people to tell them what they want to hear, said Sam Donaldson, a former ABC News correspondent in the White House.

“It doesn’t have to be a Hannity,” he said. “Someone will provide you with a false narrative that does not exist.”

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