Monday, October 25

Fran Escribá: “Real Madrid are favorites but we will go out to win the game”

Fran Escribá, at the press conference prior to the game. | SONIA ARCOS / ECF

Elche de Escribá continues to gain confidence Y “We will not go out to lock ourselves behind because in 99% of the games that you play like this you lose. And more against Real Madrid, that whenever he plays at home he scores a goal ». For this reason, “we will go out to look at the opposite goal” and “with the mentality of going to win”, assured the Francophone coach yesterday.

The coach stressed that «we have all the possibilities Y It is clear that Madrid are favorites but this year we have seen how Cádiz or Alavés have defeated them ». In this way and counting on the tie that the team achieved at home (1-1), “why not think that we can complicate their lives. We will come out with this mindset. In fact, the players have also spoken like this this week. The idea is to go out and win, knowing logically which team is in front of us ».

Escribá appreciated that «Madrid has a difficult League, but there are enough games left and some direct confrontations with teams from above that can bring them closer to the title. On the other hand, “the rival plays a very relevant game in the Champions League on Wednesday due to its international prestige and the titles they have.” The franjiverde coach affirmed that, in any case, the opposite “will think the same as us, in this game. And then he will do it in the next one ».

The fact of recovering a footballer like Hazard or Ramos, «gives them variants to be able to manage these two games even better. In any case it is going to be a complicated rival, “declared Escribá, who, focusing on Elche, said that” we must be a team like the one in the last games, solid, balanced, which cannot be created many chances and, obviously, we have to look at the opposing goal. Real Madrid rarely do not score at home and thinking about holding 0-0 for 90 minutes is negative for us.

Escribá explained that Elche is not satisfied with the tie. The point would be good, of course. Any point against the greats brings you closer to the goal, but our mentality cannot be that but that of going to win.

Regarding 1-1 at home, Escribá stressed that Elche «was good, but we were a team that didn’t end up hurting. In the end our goal came from a penalty after a corner, but we had some chances that seemed clear and in the last pass they were wasted ». To achieve something positive, “we must be a solid team that yields as few chances as possible. Also balanced. It is useless to defend very well if then you cannot link four passes and reach the opposite goal. This is something we have worked on during the week. About Zidane, Escribá shows his “personal admiration” and assures that “he is a very important man in the history of world football and Real Madrid. Nobody has won as a coach three Champions in a row. That says a lot about what Zidane has brought to Madrid. Like any coach, you have better and worse moments, it has happened to all of us, but his contribution is undeniable ».

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