Tuesday, October 3

Fran Escribá: «The Ray presses hard; we must be brave and tread more on their area than ours »

The Valencian coach emphasizes that “Rayo has obtained good results in very difficult matches.” In addition, «at home he is showing very strong; He has only conceded one goal. The type of stadium, with the people so close, with the atmosphere that is there, makes games in which a lot of duel is always generated. It is an aggressive, intense team that puts a lot of pressure; continually think about pushing forward. For all this, “it is going to be a very difficult game, but we are used to this type of meeting and environment.”

Escribá also highlights the Ray that «associates well. They have very interesting and dangerous players on the outside in the area. Our line is to be a brave team, looking for the rival goal. We are more interested in being close to their area than ours, ”he remarks.

To face the challenge, “we have worked to get out of the pressure” and Elche will present “the best eleven for this game, as always. We seek the best to win. Right now, for Sunday we are thinking about the best possible combination, but the truth is that almost all of the ones we have we like. And that is the best thing that can happen to us, ”says Escribá.

The coach focuses on this game, although he knows that “we are going to a three-game week later in which it will be very important to have all the players available. But for now we are thinking about the match on Sunday and we will try to get the best eleven possible, knowing that we will have good solutions outside »(on the bench).

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The fans are waiting for Pastore. We must be calm. I am and he, I know, is, which is the important thing. He is a player who is going to give us a lot. Surely, without realizing it, he begins to link matches, but we must not forget that he comes from being without competing for a long time. He is very well physically, he is not lacking in condition, but if he may be lacking something, it is that rhythm of competition. He’s working great, ready for when the team needs him. ”

Asked if he fears the anger of some players who do not count as much, the coach values ​​it as «great; sign that they want to play. But it will never be a personal anger but a professional one. I have no doubt that the group will have a perfect behavior as before. Regarding the specific case of Marcone, he specifies: «The footballer has to take advantage of and reverse his anger at not playing, thinking that competition makes you better. They are professionals and to get here, they have had to overcome these situations. I count on Marcone. He has played. Less than last year, but more than other colleagues “, says the coach.

The coach is «convinced that the 11,000 fans from the other day at the Martínez Valero will soon become 20,000. And if the team continues working as before, we will soon return to 20,000 subscribers. If there is something that excites me, it is to fill the Martínez Valero every Sunday. We must be aware of how important it is to enjoy every minute that we are in the First Division and, above all, because if we enjoy those minutes together we can have a long streak in the First Division. I also hope and wish that Vallecas will fill up this Sunday and that the same will happen at the Martínez Valero next week ».

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