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Fran Hervías opens the door to the flight to the PP: “They will be welcome”




“I have very good friends there and if some want to support, add and build to find that alternative that is needed in Spain and that can fight ‘sanchismo’, then logically they will be welcome.” That was the answer of Fran Hervías, former senator and former secretary of Organization of Citizens (Cs), when this newspaper asked him yesterday, in an interview published on its website, if other charges will follow him in his jump to PP.

Of course, the last week in Cs gathers material for a sequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ set in the Contemporary Age. Betrayals and daggers fly over the party of Inés Arrimadas, where the signing of Hervías by the PP unleashed the alarms.

“If they wanted to harm the Cs project, he is the one with the most they could,” acknowledges a party leader, in conversation with this newspaper. Hervías is not a star signing of those who fill stadiums and sell jerseys in football, but he is a shadow worker. One of those unknown profiles for the average citizen, but that builds all the organic and territorial power of a formation.

Baptized in Cs as Señor Lobo, Hervías is the person who has the most information about the party

He was responsible for undertaking the difficult task of the national implementation of Cs since 2014, when Albert Rivera He decided to prepare his jump to Congress and turn that anti-nationalist force in Catalonia into a country project. Internally known as Mr. Wolf –A character from the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ who solves problems– Hervías placed hundreds of like-minded people in middle positions and in organic positions of Cs.

Throughout Spain, there are positions and affiliates of Cs who owe their position to the former secretary of Organización de Cs, who resigned his act as senator and broke his membership card this Saturday to join the team of Teodoro Garcia Egea.

«He is going to take the offal»

In his power, those who know him have more information about militants, positions and leaders of Cs than Albert Rivera and Inés Arrimadas will ever have. And that is a huge risk for the current leadership of Cs. Hervías knows perfectly which foot each one is limping on and to whom he is loyal. If the PP, as García Egea said, opens the door to the defrauded of Cs, he knows who to call.

«Hervías is going to take the offal. We are not going to leave the good ones ”, points to this newspaper another leader of Cs. However, in the Executive committee of the liberals assume that if there is a disbandment of affiliates and middle managers to the PP, the party will have to start from scratch a very complicated task of reimplantation. In 2014 the scenario was different and the wind was blowing in favor of Cs. Fed up with bipartisanship favored Rivera’s leap into national politics, just as it facilitated the emergence of Podemos.

Hervías, who was one of those who came to Cs the same year it was founded, was also Secretary of Organization with the manager that was formed after Rivera’s resignation and rowed for Arrimadas to win the primaries to Francisco Igea, as stated yesterday on ABC.

However, when it ceased its organic responsibility, unlike Jose Manuel Villegas, Juan Carlos Girauta, Fernando de Paramo and Rivera himself, agreed with the management a position in the Senate.

He assures that it is because he believed in the Arrimadas project, but that now he has seen how it has become a “crutch of ‘sanchismo'”. But the key question is whether now, already in the PP, he will execute Genoa’s long-awaited dream of absorbing Cs to unite the entire center and the center-right.

“What we saw in Murcia they want to do throughout Spain,” Bal denounced yesterday, the attack against the PP

It shows the power of Hervías, although he denies having influenced his decisions, is what happened this week in the Murcia region, where three of the Cs deputies who had signed the motion of censure against Fernando Lopez Miras they agreed to enter his government in exchange for knocking down their own motion.

Call from García Egea

Hervías admits that his new secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, called him to mediate in the failure of the motion, but assures that he did not speak with Isabel franco nor with Francisco Alvarez and that Valle Miguélez He had already made the decision to vote against so as not to give Sánchez more power.

Franco was the candidate who supported the leadership of Cs in the Murcian primaries – now in the courts for alleged fraud – and Miguélez is one of those who owed their position in Cs to Señor Lobo. The threat posed by Hervías was synthesized Edmundo bal yesterday: «What we saw in Murcia they want to do throughout Spain».

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