Tuesday, October 3

Fran Sevilla, RNE’s envoy to Ukraine, emerges unharmed from a Russian artillery attack

The car in which he was traveling special envoy of Radio Nacional de España a Ukrainethe veteran reporter Frank Sevillewas reached on Tuesday by russian artistry, as reported by the journalist himself in a video broadcast by the public network. The incident occurred at south of Zaporiyaone of the big cities in southern Ukraine, close to the front line and the area occupied by the troops of the Kremlin. The SUV in which Sevilla was traveling with a Ukrainian driver and a Brazilian journalist suffered some damage, with several broken windows and shrapnel impacts on the sides. “We have miraculous save”, the journalist told this newspaper. “It has been hard, very intense, but we are safe”, he added to also refer to the situation of his companions.

The journalists were at a road junction near the last position of the ukrainian defenses in the zone. “We were surprised by a strong explosion from a Russian artillery shell, which fell next to our car,” said Sevilla, who is formally the public radio correspondent in Washington and has been in Ukraine for more than a month reporting from various conflict zones. “We dropped to the ground and crawled into cover.”

But it would not be the last shock because, as the video reflects, new projectiles fell near their position, forcing the journalists to stand against the wall of a building for nearly an hour, until the artillery volleys ceased. and they were able to flee by road. “We don’t know what the target was, even if it was our car, which may be,” says the journalist, with a long history of covering war conflicts.

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Sánchez recognizes the work of the press in Ukraine

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Shortly after the incident, the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezI express my solidarity with the journalists who are following the war in ukraine, in particular with Fran Sevilla. Taking advantage of his turn to answer a question formulated in the plenary session of the Senate by the PP spokesman, Javier Maroto, he sent his solidarity to “the journalists who are in Ukraine”, with a mention of the special envoy of public radio and “other so many who have suffered the consequences of this war”.

The president also recognized the work of the media that is deploying its reporters to report on the invasion of Ukraine and repeated his solidarity with the Ukrainian people, while condemning the war in the European country, which has already served more than two months since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the country on February 24.


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