Friday, June 18

Fran Write: «We are very sorry, we did not measure up, I assume my responsibility»

The maximum shareholder of the club, in the tribune of authorities. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

Escribá spoke of the Elche “is a extraordinary hobby. PEdir apologies because we did not measure up. It remains to wait to add the six remaining points. It is what it is. If not, I will take responsibility. Our obligation is to try to beat Cádiz and hopefully make it to the last match alive.

Josema regrets his failure after Alavés’ second goal. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The team sunk. «We are all touched. If there is any ‘advantage’, we are clear that we have to get all six points. It forces us to go for them. If not, it will not give us.

Escribá grabs his head after the second visitor goal, lamenting the team’s impotence on the field. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

It is his most difficult moment as Elche coach. “Sure. Very difficult and painful. People know what this club hurts me. But you have to convince them to win in Cádiz. It is what it is. We must try to give everything to see if it happens. If not, we will do the analysis. Today we played badly and we deserved to lose ».

The fans received the team with songs and flags. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

Analyzing the game a little more, Escribá said that “in the end, when we have played against teams that propose more, we are a team that is well organized, that defends well. Obviously we have fewer options, but also more spaces. Against a team that is not exactly of our level, “wrote Escribá -although in Mendizorra Elche won 0-2-,” but that did fight for the same goal, it was difficult for us to propose. In this sense, the key, «the loss of Raúl Guti was very important to us. At the football level, he is the player who gives us the most ». The coach blamed himself: «The changes were planned before the 0-2. We conceded a play where we went on the attack and he caught us. I accept the criticism on the approaches. With Victor starting, we would have lost physicality to a very physical team. I take my responsibility. I’d rather it be loaded on me than on the players. We are what we are. They gave everything and it didn’t happen. It brings us closer to descent. We will see the results of the day, which will surely leave us alive. But if we don’t get the six remaining points, there won’t be any option.

Regarding the absence of Gonzalo Verdú, he said that “you analyze all the previous games. Dani and Diego played very well as a central team. We have all made mistakes. You look for what you consider to be the most reliable. When you lose, you look for those who are not there. But I don’t think it was decisive ».

For his part, the midfielder Fidel acknowledged that the options of permanence are scarce after the disastrous game played. “The game that none of us had in mind has not come out.” He recognized that Alavés was superior in the first half. “They have surpassed us and in the second, when we were better, they made us the second and that left us very touched,” explained the player, who asked to “turn the page.”

Fidel praised the goalkeeper’s game Fernando Pacheco and he acknowledged that Elche’s dressing room is hurt “because this result complicates our permanence a lot. We will fight for this shield as it deserves. We are aware that it is very complicated. It is a tough day, but we will try to save the category until the last second. Hopefully the results are given and we can achieve it, “he concluded.

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