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France 2022 election surveys: This is the polls

Five days before the second round of the presidential election from France from April 24, Emmanuel Macron continues to increase the distance from her rival, the far-right candidate, Marine LePen. According to the survey of the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), the current tenant of the Elysée would achieve 55% of the votes, while the candidate from the extreme right he would keep 45% of the votes. A distance of 10 points that is widening day by day.

In the 2017 elections, Macron obtained 66.10% of the ballots and Le Pen, 33.90%.

A little over a week ago, the voting intentions of the president and the leader of National Regrouping they were much tighter, just five points (52.5% compared to 47.5%), but over the days Macron has been consolidating his advantage. The centrist leader has fully entered the electoral campaign after having been practically absent during the campaign for the first round, held on April 10.

The new demographic data comes a day before the two candidates hold a face to face televised described as crucial and with which they intend to convince undecided voters and those who are thinking of abstaining. Both seek to fish in the bag of votes that the candidate of the Unsuspecting France harvested, Jean-Luc Mélenchonin the first round, which was third in the contest with more than 7.7 million ballots (22%).

the precedent

The debate that Macron and Le Pen held in 2017 was a confrontation aggressive and tense. The president systematically attacked the lack of concrete proposals from the extreme right, as well as the lack of financing for his spending promises in favor of the popular classes.

But above all, the centrist president trashed Le Pen’s implausible proposal to create a two-currency system: a resurrected franc for domestic use and keeping the euro for foreign transactions.

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Macron repeatedly accused her of “lying” about the viability of her proposals and even of being a “parasite” for feeding on the fear and hatred that, according to him, Le Pen and her party were sowing in the country and the citizens.

In turn, Le Pen repeatedly criticized Macron for being a supporter of “savage globalization”, sometimes accusing him of being ultra-liberal and sometimes of being a socialist. In addition, some unfortunate expressions and tones showed a dislocated Le Pen, without the stature of a head of state.

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