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France becomes a conservative parliamentary regime in 37 days

France has gone from being an “absolute monarchy” to becoming a conventional and conservative parliamentary regime in just 37 days, which has transformed its political and institutional functioning, “normalizing” the extreme rightinstalling the left in a gesticulating periphery.

The Constitution of the Fifth Republic it grants the president and head of state exceptional powers, which no president of any advanced industrial democracy has.

To these personal powers was added a parliamentary power always at the service of the president, while he had his own parliamentary majorities. De Gaulle, Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande, the first Macron, they were “absolute monarchs” for more than sixty years, when legislative elections confirmed parliamentary majorities of their own political family.

The parliamentary elections June 12 and 19 last, changed that model radically: for the first time in French political history, the populist extreme left and extreme right became the first opposition political forces, when the president ‘only’ got a relative majority of 250 of the 577 eparliamentary seats.

Macron, his government and his deputies had to negotiate in order to govern. With who?

The XVI legislature of the Fifth Republic began on June 28. The parliamentary vacation began last Friday, the 4th. During those thirty-seven days, the old “absolute monarchy” has given way to a conventional parliamentary regime, returning to the National Assembly (AN) a position and strength of the foreground.

At the end of June paralysis was feared. But, realism has prevailed and in just over a month the government has approved 16 bills

In the ‘new’ political France, the president proposes, his government adapts the project and the AN nuances it. At the end of June, “paralysis” was feared. The extreme left threatened with a motion of censure. The most Cartesian realism has been absolutely imposed. In just over a month, the government has approved sixteen bills. Three of them of some importance, devoted to purchasing power and the new post-Covid policy.

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The Unsubmissive France (LFI, populist extreme left) has wanted to “paralyze” and “block” all parliamentary projects. In vain. PS, PCF and Ecologists have abstained, they have even voted in favor of some articles of the new Macronian legislation.

National Groupl (AN, extreme right), Marine Le Pen’s party, has decided to behave like a “government party”, criticizing, nuanced, “imposing” some nuances in some bills, moving away from ultra-radical “rupturism”.

The Republicans (LR, traditional right, Nicolas Sarkozy’s party) has become Emmanuel Macron’s first parliamentary ally, “forcing” him to govern on the right. Macron was always conservative / liberal reformist. With the parliamentary majority lost, he is “forced” to confirm a conservative line that his economy minister, Bruno Le Maire (former Chirac and Sarkozy minister) and Gérard Darmanin, minister of the interior (former Sarkozy’s personal spokesman), always had.

Electorally united, the lefts are very disunited and are very much in the minority in the National Assembly. The relative majority of Macron and his party, the right and the extreme right, are the parliamentary reflection of a conservative or very conservative France. The “absolute monarchy” disappeared. Traditional conservatism remains.

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