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France closes a mosque over the jihadist sermons of its imam

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The prefecture of the department of the Oise, between Paris and Belgium, ordered on Tuesday the closure of the Great Mosque of Beauvais (56,800 inhabitants), a hundred kilometers from the French capital, where a radicalized imam, a supporter of jihad, the Islamic holy war against the West, the Christians, the Jews preached.

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, initiated the administrative procedure for the closure on the 14th of this month, estimating that the imam of that cult center had an unacceptable behavior. The expulsion procedure lasted 14 days due to the bureaucratic resistance of the organization Esperanza y Fraternidad, manager of the mosque, trying to defend the cult center “victim” of an “irresponsible” imam.

In principle, the Great Mosque of Beauvais will be closed six months, pending the results of various attempts at consultation between the ministry and the opposing organizations of Islam in France, invited by Emmanuel Macron to try to facilitate the integration of French Muslims

(Between 5 and 7 million, according to statistics, in a country of 67.5 million inhabitants). The managers of the Great Mosque of Paris are in favor of the respect of the ‘republican integration’. On the contrary, the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) is divided between ‘families’ of Moroccan, Algerian, Turkish origin, who have conflicting opinions about the place of their religion in the French state.

A person passes in front of the closed mosque
A person walks past the closed mosque – Afp

In his day, Macron asked that all Muslim organizations French women will accept and sign a common document, confirming their respect for the institutions of the State. Several of them refuse to sign the letter, which follows its uncertain course.

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Faced with the divisions of French Islam organizations, Macron ordered months ago his Interior Minister, a former spokesman for Nicolas Sarkozy, former Conservative president, regular and systematic police checks of the 2,368 mosques and places of worship that exist in France.

In less than a year, a long hundred mosques have been raided. About twenty have been closed or are subject to police control procedures that could culminate in the closure.

In this context, the temporary closure of the Great Mosque of Beauvais confirms the most pessimistic estimates of the security services. «It is very difficult to follow the adventures of several thousand suspects, on the outskirts of Paris and other big cities, like Marsella The Lyon. With which, we are obliged to put patches, acting when there is a crisis, an attack, an assassination attempt … “, an official Interior source commented months ago to ABC.

Division in French Islam

Among the several thousand imams who preach in France, of Maghreb, Middle Eastern and Turkish origin, some thirty long have published several manifestos defending the integration of Muslims in France. But several of these imams are threatened with death by Salafi gangs and small groups. The magnets of a mosque in the Parisian periphery, in Drancy, and another of BordeauxThey have been forced to call for help and bodyguards for themselves, their wives and children.

The religious, social, cultural and political confrontation of imams of different origins and religious backgrounds is a fundamental problem, parallel to the position of Islam and Muslims in France today. With the exception of the extreme left and environmentalists, all the candidates for the next presidential election have promised a hard hand, police and judicial, to combat the gangrene of the radical Islamism, present in some 700 suburban ghettos throughout France, starting with the northern periphery of Paris.

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