Tuesday, October 26

France cuts women’s basketball podium dreams

The women’s basketball team said goodbye this Wednesday to his dreams of revalidating the podium he achieved in River. France He put her out of the way of the medals by beating 64-67 in a match that he dominated from start to finish. Spain, who failed to match the defense of the French, never felt comfortable on a thick day in attack. The problems of lack of Alba Torrens placeholder image and the bad decisions in the last two minutes ended up condemning her.

The national team was not able to adapt to the script of the game, little inspired by attack, and without the intensity that a crossing required, in which France applied itself very aggressively and, at times, also harshly. mondelo He reproached his players on several occasions. If the first few minutes were under the control of Spain, with good minutes of Laura Gil and Ndour, the team of Valerie garnier in getting hooked on the game and taking the initiative (16-21, m. 10) with a very serious game in every way: taking care of losses, controlling the rebound and generating good shooting positions.

The threat materialized in the second quarter with the appearance of Marine Johannes, that with 9 points almost in a row, he opened the gap and led France to its maximum advantage (19-33), with the team completely beaten. Only three points managed to add in five minutes Spain, which dragged the three quick fouls committed by its best reference, Alba Torrens, while the French team saw the ring very easily. Cristina Ouviña had to multiply to come to the rescue of the national team, excessively dependent on Ndour in the first part. Too Silvia Dominguez joined the cause to minimize damage at half-time (30-36).

Cazorla’s appearance

From the defense, he tried Spain take a step forward and improve some situation, such as balance on the rebound. But the selection continued not to be comfortable in attack and France found the triples of Duchet and Williams the air he needed to keep up and enter the last period still with an advantage (48-55).

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Maite Cazorla appeared, with his triples, when everything seemed against. Eight of his points in the first five minutes of the last period unexpectedly re-engaged the national team (58-57) to face the last two minutes. But in that final stretch, already with Torrens eliminated for fouls, Spain He did not know how to keep a cool head to solve and only added two points. At 62-63, he failed in attack three times, after capturing the offensive rebound. And With 64-65 and 11 seconds to play, Dominguez he sent a very forced pass to Cazorla, who lost it for the band, destroying all options, before the own Cazorla an already desperate triple was played with 3.6 seconds to go while he watched the semifinal slip away.

Spain, 64 – France, 67

Spain: Domínguez (7), Ouviña (11), Torrens (10), Gil (4), Ndour (16) -initial five- Palau (-), Cazorla (12), Carrera (2), Casas (2), Conde ( -).

5 of 22 triples (Torrens, Cazorla, 2). 38 rebounds, 17 offensive (Ndour, 11). 12 assists (Gil, 4 years old)

France: Duchet (8), Michel (2), Williams (11), Miyem (9), Gruda (6) – starting five- Fauthoux, Chartereau (4), Ciak (1), Vukosavljevic (4), Rupert (4) , Johannes (18).

6 of 22 triples (Williams, Johannes, 2). 36 rebounds, 5 offensive (Chartereau, Johannes, 5). 20 assists (Duchet, 5 years old)

Partial: 16-21; 14-15; 18-19; 16-12


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