Monday, August 15

Francisco: «It is a very important victory to start the second round»

Finally Elche wins away from home. He hadn’t done it for four months. From the Getafe party. A victory that, according to the franjiverde coach, Francisco Rodríguez, is based on «all being in solidarity in defense and not making mistakes. On a collective level, defensively, the team has been very good. We had a fantastic 20 minutes of the first half. Hopefully little by little we will go further and complete a much better second lap. Today everyone has done what they should do, including those who have not played and have cheered from the bench.

The Almeria coach explained at a press conference that “whenever you win you feel satisfied because it is the result of a job well done during the week.” He also stated that “it is a very important victory because we started the second round with three points and it is time to make a change and add and continue to improve.”

Francisco stressed that “Espanyol had only lost at home to Atlético de Madrid” and pointed out that “we dedicate the victory to our agitation”, to which he promised that “winning today gives us the necessary strength to continue and go to for the victory against Villarreal ».

Regarding Gonzalo Verdú’s dubious penalty at the end that led to the rival goal, the franjiverde coach understood that “to whistle a penalty there must be something more.” In the end, “we have not been harmed, luckily, and it has not affected us because we are going with the three points.” Francisco, who yesterday could not be on the bench due to suspension, was asked if he considers it very easy to whistle against Elche. He answered ‘no. We have been harmed in some actions and there is also the VAR, which does not correct, but I still believe in everyone’s honesty ».

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Questioned by Boca’s interest in Benedetto, the coach denied that he had not played for it. “Not at all. Today he was there to play and he did not do it because the game has led us not to do so, but nothing more ». Regarding the two injured last night -Bigas in the warm-up and Verdú at the end of the game-, Francisco understands that “it will be about annoyances that will not be for much.”

For his part, Pere Milla had his great night and “before my people.” The Lleida player was “very happy” for the victory and stressed that it took place “here, near Lleida and with friends and family” on the pitch. The franjiverde striker prevailed over his individual match at all times. Asked about his role, he stressed that he was happy “for the three points, because the team deserved it for these weeks of work and we have finally achieved it, which was the most important thing for everyone.”

At the same time, he was satisfied “because the other two goals I have scored” this season “did not serve to score and today my goals have been worth adding three, which was the most important.” For Milla, «today we have been able to see what has to be suffered in order to achieve a victory in the First Division. Now, to rest and think about Villarreal », next rival on Sunday (14 hours) at Martínez Valero.

Vicente Moreno

Espanyol coach Vicente Moreno appreciated the work of his team. “We have tried to the end but in front of us we had a rival who has defended himself well and we have lacked forcefulness,” he explained. According to Moreno, “with the 0-2 in minute 15 the game made it very difficult for us because we conceded too much with two actions with several errors in each one of them.”

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Moreno also regretted that “we have helped when we practically gave away two goals and they practically only made two shots on goal.”

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