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Francisco Lindor contract details: Mets usher in new era with mega deal for megastar

Francisco Lindor is used to playing with his bag. But now he has.

Right after the opening day midnight strike, the Mets and the superstar shortstop agreed to a 10-year, $ 341 million contract that will keep Lindor in the Big Apple through the 2031 season. Breathe in, Mets fans, and rejoice .

While his clever offseason moves brought the franchise to life, Steve Cohen and the Mets called in the 2021 MLB season with a clear message: These aren’t your daddy’s Mets. Gone are the days when fans would beg Wilpon’s owning group to make the smart financial decisions and home run moves (no pun intended).

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Most importantly, winning is not here yet for New York, but at least they are moving in the right direction.

Sure, the last few hours before the deal was signed were a bit dramatic. The deal was reportedly agreed to literally at the eleventh hour, and came at the ringing of the bell for the Inaugural Day deadline set by Lindor.

Would you expect anything less from the Mets?

Here’s what you need to know about the deal, which begins during the 2022 MLB season:

Francisco Lindor contract details

According to various reports, Lindor and the Mets have agreed to a 10-year, $ 341 million pact that will keep Lindor in the Mets uniform until the 2031 season, his 37-year season. Like the recent mega deals signed by MLB players, this one also features some bells and whistles.

According to Joel Sherman of The NY Post, Lindor receives $ 32 million per year, with $ 5 million of money deferred per year between 2032 and 2041. Lindor also receives a signing bonus of $ 21 million, all adding up to $ 341 million.

Year Money (deferred)
(Bonus for signing) $ 21 million
2022 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2023 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2024 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2025 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2026 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2027 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2028 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2029 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2030 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
2031 $ 32 million ($ 5 million)
Total $ 341 million ($ 50 million)

Contract details according to and media reports.

Sherman also reports that the deal includes a limited no-trade clause, listing 15 teams that Lindor cannot be traded to.

The deal locks Lindor out of New York during his 37-year stint, which is not bad, all things considered. Even if Lindor declines in their 35-37 year seasons, as most superstars do, the Mets are getting a star in their prime now, in a window that is now open, for a new owner and fan base. desperately looking for a winner.

And that is amazing.

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