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Francisco Morazán, “the Simón Bolívar of Central America”, who ruled it when it was a single nation and ended up betrayed and shot

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • Central America Account @ BBCMundo

Francisco Morazán

Image source, Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica


Honduran Francisco Morazán came to see his dream of a Central America united in a single nation fulfilled.

José Martí highlighted “the shadow of Bolívar, who dreamed of a single nation for South America … and the shadow of Morazán, embedding in his triumphant sword the five republics of Central America.”

The Cuban thinker referred to Francisco Morazán, the Honduran politician and military man who represents the idea of ​​Central American unity like few others and who many compare with Simón Bolívar, the highest standard of the independence processes of South America against Spain.

And certainly, few historical figures are as important in the Central American region as Morazán, who came to govern Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica at different times… and even all of Central America.

Because yes, what today are five countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) they formed a single nation between 1824 and 1839: the Federal Republic of Central America.

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