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Francisco Oliva, reelected president of Granada Mollar for four years

In this way, the Protected Designation of Origin of Granada Mollar de Elche concludes your first choices within the process of renewal of positions that has been carried out in all the regulatory councils of the figures of differentiated quality of the Valencian Community.

“The Granada Mollar de Elche is recognized with the highest quality distinction, it is a benchmark, the consumer values ​​us, look for us on the shelves and both wholesalers and retailers ask for certified pomegranate”, Francisco Oliva


In the case of the PDO of Granada Mollar de Elche, no elections had to be held because a single candidacy was presented, made up of four representatives of the marketers and four representatives of the producers.

On the occasion of the constitution of the new Governing Council, which was held yesterday afternoon, all the members unanimously elected Francisco Oliva as president to continue leading the process of promotion, expansion and quality in which they have been working for years so that the mollar pomegranate from Elche is recognized nationally and internationally.

Workers of the Cambayas Cooperative preparing the mollar pomegranate, yesterday, for the Christmas campaign. Matías Segarra

Francisco Oliva thanked the support obtained and highlighted the unity of the sector. “I think all the hits that we’re picking up and the achievements made in all these years have been thanks to the union that we all have. We know that agriculture is a very difficult sector and we have shown that the best tool to overcome all adversities is to work in the same direction and put your shoulder together”.

Thanks to this, Oliva continues, “we have achieved that Granada Mollar de Elche is recognized with the highest distinction of agri-food quality, being a benchmark within the figures of differentiated quality, that the consumer values ​​us, looks for us on the shelves and that both wholesalers and retailers ask for certified pomegranate to sell in their establishments ”.

The president of the PDO has indicated that facing this new stage “we are going to continue working to give our pomegranate even more prestige and open new markets so that our production sells more and better.”

A moment of the meeting of the governing board of the Denomination of Origin of Granada Mollar INFORMATION

For Oliva, the challenge is to consolidate national consumption, which has grown by more than 30% in recent years, to be strong in Europe and to overcome the difficulties derived from Brexit and the Russian veto with a greater presence in emerging markets.

“There is increasing international competition for the appearance of new varieties and pomegranates that are redder on the outside but, without a doubt, the mollar pomegranate from Elche is the queen of all pomegranates and when someone discovers its qualities, they notice the difference and appreciate its quality”. Therefore, Oliva continues, what we have to do is “take advantage of all these advantages that the PDO territory gives us to reach more consumers and improve our sales both in Spain and abroad.”

Presiding over the mollar pomegranate of Elche since 2012

Francisco Oliva is the manager of the Oliva family business dedicated to the commercialization and transport of fruits and vegetables. Since 2012 he has been the president of the mollar pomegranate of Elche, first being at the head of the Association of Producers and Marketers of Pomegranates of Elche and, later, being the first president of the PDO when the mollar pomegranate of Elche obtained the Denomination of Protected Origin in 2016.

It is the first time, since its inception, that the Granada Mollar de Elche PDO has participated in a process of selection and renewal of positions.

The Granada Mollar de Elche covers 40 municipalities in the Alicante regions of Vega Baja, L’Alacantí and Baix Vinalopó. They are the main European producers of pomegranates and account for more than 75% of all the pomegranates grown in Spain.

The mollar de Elche is the only pomegranate in the world recognized with the Protected Designation of Origin and stands out for its sweet taste, for having a very soft seed and an exterior color that ranges from cream to red.

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