Monday, October 18

Francisco Sagasti: the moderate engineer and politician who became president of Peru in the midst of a serious political crisis

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Francisco Sagasti, 76, has been a congressman from Peru since last March.

With clear support from his fellow congressmen, engineer Francisco Sagasti was elected this Monday to become president in charge of the Republic of Peru.

Sagasti, a congressman since March 18 with the Purple Party, thus assumes the mission of leading the transitional government until July 28, 2021, at which time the winner of the general elections on April 11 will take power.

A politician from the center and with a reputation for being a man of consensus, Sagasti will be the third president to take the reins of the Peruvian government in a week.

His most urgent task is to appease the deep political crisis that led to the resignation of his predecessor, Manuel Merino, after a wave of protests in the country that left at least two dead and dozens injured and that erupted due to the impeachment in Congress. , last Monday, from President Martín Vizcarra.

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