Saturday, January 22

Francisco’s big premiere (3-1)

Everything went round at the premiere of Francisco Rodriguez as coach of Elche CF. The Elche group beat Cádiz (3-1), a direct rival in the fight for permanence and the one that marks the border with the places of descent, from which the French-green now move away at three points. In addition, Elche met again with the victory after eight rounds. I hadn’t done it since October 3 beat Celta (1-0) also at the Martínez Valero. It was not a good game, but the franjiverdes were like intense and hardworking team that knew how to hit at key moments.

Francisco did not surprise with the starting eleven and, as expected, he repeated the same starting team that on Monday drew with Osasuna at El Sadar. The new green-franj trainer continues to trust with Edgar Badia as goalkeeper for the League and in Diego Gonzalez as a couple of Enzo Roco in the center of defense. He also kept the double pivot of more defensive characteristics such as Iván Marcone and Omar Mascarell, with Tete Morente, which in Pamplona won the position, and Fidel in the bands. The attacking duo made up of Lucas Pérez y Lucas Boyé It seems that, for the moment, it is immovable.

The franjiverdes came out with intensity, pressing well on the Cádiz players and with Tete Morente doing damage on the right wing. At four minutes, Lucas Boyé crashed a ball into the post. The group from Elche tried to build the game from behind against a rival who was waiting in their field. At 11 minutes, Fidel filtered a pass to the area on Lucas Pérez and the Galician striker held up very well for Chust to knock him down slightly. The referee indicated maximum penalty – the first penalty in favor of Elche this season – and Fidel did not miss it (1-0).

The game was put where it was best for Francisco’s team. Nevertheless, the nerves by the need to win gripped the players of Elche. Álvaro Cervera’s painting stretched out, with Choco Lozano as a stiletto, and in the 22nd minute, Iza Carcelén shot from the edge of the area, Edgar Badia cleared badly and Lozano won the action from Enzo Roco. The Chilean made a clear penalty. Fortunately, Álex Fernández crashed the ball into the post.

Cádiz pressed in search of a tie, but without creating great chances of danger.

In the 40th minute, Lucas Pérez claimed a new penalty for a takedown of Chust. But with the first there was enough. On this occasion, the referee did not bite. The break was reached with the advantage of the franjiverdes.

In the second half, Elche also came out strong. A center from Tete Morente returned to finish off the post Fidel, with a head.

But Cádiz was not willing to give up and tried by all means. The Andalusians gave two good scares: In the 50th minute, Sobrino shot outside the net when he was in a good situation. AND in the 55th minute, Choco Lozano slammed the ball off the crossbar.

The game got rough and muddy. Both teams knew how much they played. Elche tried to save his income and the people of Cadiz tie.

Francisco began to move the bench. Pulled out Gumbau by Marcone -the Argentine had a card- already Pears Milla for a tired Fidel, who had also seen the yellow card. The Catalan stood on the left wing.

In the 74th minute, Gumbau put a great pass into the heart of the area, Tete Morente controlled, dribbled Ledesma and scored the 2-0, which seemed to sentence the shock.

But there was still a lot left and Cádiz was not considered dead. In 89, Edgar Badia saved a center-kick from Álvaro and the whole stadium chanted the name of the Catalan goalkeeper. In 90, Álex Fernández finished off a corner kick to the back of the net (2-1) that put emotion to the last moments of the crash.

In 92, Pere Milla put a good pass on Josan and the crevillentino did put the sentence and all Martínez Valero breathed relieved.


ELCHE: Edgar Badia, Helibelton Palacios, Enzo Roco, Diego González, Mojica, Iván Marcone (Gumbau, m. 64), Mascarell, Fidel (Pere Milla, m. 64), Tete Morente (Guido Carrillo, m. 85), Lucas Pérez ( Josa, m. 76) and Lucas Boyé (Benedetto, m. 85).

CÁDIZ: Ledesma, Iza Carcelén (Negredo, m. 67), Haroyan, Chust, Akapo, Jonsson (Martín, m. 80), Álex Fernández, Espino, Sobrino (Álvaro, m. 76), Perea and Choco Lozano.

GOALS: 1-0 m. 13, Fidel from a penalty. 2-0 m. 74, Tete Morente. 2-1 m. 90, Álex Fernández. 3-1 m. 92, Josan.

REFEREE: Muñiz Ruiz, from the Galician school. He showed yellow cards to Helibelton Palacios (m. 1), Enzo Roco (m. 21), Fidel (m. 25), Marcone (m. 26), Haroyan (m. 57), Choco Lozano (m. 68), Diego Rodríguez (d. 68), Akapo (d. 77), Gumbau (d. 79) and Tete Morente (d. 82).

STADIUM: Martínez Valero, before 11,879 spectators

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