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Francisco’s first challenges with Elche CF

The Almeria coach has had several telephone conversations in recent days with the owner of Elche, Christian Bragarnik, and with the technical secretary, Sergio Mantecón. He arrives at Martínez Valero loaded with enthusiasm and convinced that he can set the course for a squad, which is one of the best he has had at his disposal in his coaching career.

Francisco is clear about his first challenges. The main thing is to keep the people from Elche as far away as possible from the places of descent. The classification in the lower part is very even and with a good streak he can take a quantitative leap in the table and not have the pressure of being in the red zone.

Once the qualifying improvement has been achieved, which must come through good results, the next objective that will go in parallel to the previous one, is to try to get more performance out of the squad. That was one of the reasons that led Bragarnik to the dismissal of Fran Escribá. The maximum shareholder of the franjiverde entity considers that there are players with enough quality not to go through great difficulties to achieve permanence.

The Almeria coach is a coach who has always been characterized by getting the most out of his players. This is assured by those who know him and footballers who have worked under him. He is a very methodical coach, who likes that there is a good atmosphere in the locker room, but who, in turn, during training hours and games wants the players to be at maximum concentration to be able to offer their best version.

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After the first two and most important premises, the third challenge that Francisco is going to take on as Elche’s new coach is to try to offer good football that amuses the French-green fans.

The teams of the new tenant of the franjiverde bench have always been characterized by trying to have a good deal of the ball and come out with the ball played from behind. However, the Almeria coach has also implemented practicality on many occasions and has no problems if, at times, he must bet on a longer game.

Another of the non-negotiable concepts for Francisco is intensity. He looks for his teams to press and defend hard to try to steal balls and go fast to the counter.

Experience in the lower part

Francisco Rodríguez, in addition to being a student of football and obsessed with the tactical part – that has been one of the main reasons why Bragarnik has opted for his choice as a substitute for Escribá – is also a coach who has experience in soccer. management of teams that have been in the lower part of the First Division classification and that have been fighting for permanence.

His debut was in Almería, with only 35 years old, and he achieved, despite being ten games without winning, an agonizing salvation with the Almeria team.

His second experience on a First Division bench was two seasons ago at Huesca. He arrived at El Alcoraz with the bottom team and despite improving performance and the game, finally, he could not achieve permanence.

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Now it will be his third chance in a team of the highest category, he has enough time to react and has a squad so, a priori, not to get in trouble.

He arrives with his work team and will continue to count on the people of the club

Francisco arrives at Elche with his work team that has accompanied him in his last stages on the benches of Huesca and Girona. He will have Jaime Ramos as second coach, with Sergio Pardo as physical trainer and with José Manuel Rodríguez Ortega, who is a person of his full confidence and who exercises the function of analyst and technical assistant. In addition, it will also continue to count on the technicians of the Elche club who have continued to lead the squad after the dismissal of Fran Escribá. Miguel Escalona will continue to be the goalkeeping coach. Manolo Sempere and Fidel Agulló will act as assistants in physical preparation, as will Oscar Suárez, who will be complemented by “Ortega” to record training sessions and games and analyze rivals. The eight, together with the medical staff, will take over the reins of the team starting this afternoon, in what will be the first training session of the new coaching staff, and will begin to prepare for the Copa del Rey match on Thursday (20 hours) against the Leoia and the league premiere next Sunday (4.15pm), at the Martínez Valero, against Cádiz.

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