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Franco relies on the State Bar not to call off the LaLiga Assembly or judge the legality of the agreement “between individuals” with CVC

The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Jose Manuel Franco, on Thursday, relied on the criteria of the State Lawyers not to call off the LaLiga Assembly scheduled for this Friday or enter to judge the legality of the agreement “between individuals” with CVC.

This was explained by Franco himself in statements to the media after the meeting called by the CSD between the different discrepant parts and to which Real Madrid, Barça or Athletic did not appear.

Franco specified that the meeting obeyed the “Institutional obligation” that it corresponds to the CSD to seek the “maximum possible consensus” in the world of Spanish football, and stressed that it believes “desirable, necessary”, and even “essential” to achieve “a higher level of agreement” between the parties involved.

He thought, he said, that the meeting could serve to “at least bring positions closer” between the parties. “It has not been possible,” he lamented, and in that sense he made it clear that He does not want to “blame anyone, far from it”, because the clubs are “in their right” not to attend the appointment.

However, he stressed that the CSD will maintain its “open doors” for everything that contributes to “improve understanding” in Spanish football, which cannot “afford the luxury of being permanently in court.” “It is a trend that we have to cut,” he warned.

Franco acknowledged that two claims had been made to the CSD. On the one hand, “We were asked” to cancel the call for the Assembly scheduled for this Friday, and based on a “perfectly clear” report from the State Bar, he considered that this decision could only be made with “very clear, specific and assessed reasons that, to this day, are not given.”

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In addition, based on a report equally “Forceful, clear, resounding” of the State Bar, Franco stressed that the CSD should not “enter into the substance of an agreement between individuals”, as is the one reached between LaLiga and CVC, nor judge whether it is legal or not, something that he did not want to do either despite questions about it.

Despite everything, he insisted that the CSD You cannot remain “oblivious” or “idly” in the face of the situation. That is why it called today’s meeting and therefore, “whatever happens” in the Assembly this body will continue “trying to achieve an agreement” and that there are “neither victims nor executioners, nor guilty nor saviors”, but “the best for Spanish soccer ”.

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