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Free courses for business management in Alicante

The business world is becoming wider, encompassing different aspects that have a very significant influence on the business success. The conventional trend when running a company is being relegated by dynamic new skills that the employer or workers must put into practice, such as the group dynamics, the formations in leadership, emotional intelligence or the strategies of marketing online.

It’s time to get on your feet and bring your team a proactive and stimulating attitude that motivates them to meet the objectives of the company. For this, the best option is to train with specialized courses that help develop a series of strategies, skills and abilities concrete in order to obtain the desired results.

In this way, FEMPA organizes for the month of March courses in Alicante focused on daily business management. These are training courses for active and self-employed workers in any sector of activity in the Valencian Community, including those who are in ERTE. Furthermore, they are free funded courses by the Generalitat Valenciana / Labora.

“Management and animation of the point of sale shelf”

¿How can you make your customer have a memorable shopping experience?

When we think about where to go to buy a certain product or service, we review in our mind the options of establishments I can go to to make said purchase. If you are the owner of a business, your mission is to be that first choice that appears in the minds of your potential customers.

How can you make your customer have a memorable shopping experience? Freepik

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Managing an establishment does not only imply analyzing the way in which products are distributed in spaces, controlling the stock of products and their profitability, etc. It also implies a perfect knowledge of what the client expects to find every time they come to visit us and always give you an extra that surprises you.

In this course, a complete list of actions to be implemented constantly in the shops and promotional actions to be carried out on time will be provided. keep the point of sale active Y generate interest of customers. Examples of success and the necessary tools will be given so that each attendee can design your own actions and strategies.

In this course you will learn to identify the elements of replacement, animation, linear management and assortment for the animation of the sales in the commercial establishment.

– Modality: In person

Duration: 20 hours

Schedule: J 16:00 to 21: 00h

Date: from 03/04/2021 to 03/25/2021

Place of delivery: FEMPA – CESA, Father Arrupe S / N

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“Emotional intelligence in the company and quality management”

The advantage that can be obtained from developing competencies in Emotional Intelligence applied to the company are numerous: one efficient communication, employee welfare with himself and the environment, good work environment, motivation, improvement in teamwork, better customer relationships… In short, that emotional intelligence is present in the company can cause a productivity increase.

Participants will learn the basics of emotional intelligence and executive intelligence Freepik

Participants will learn the basics of emotional intelligence and executive intelligence by designing a route of action in teams, in the executive staff and in customer relations.

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The course is based on the theory about Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence and Justin Menkes’ Executive Intelligence techniques.

– Modality: In person

Duration: 40 hours

Schedule: X 16:00 a 21:00h

Date: from 03/03/2021 to 04/28/2021

End of registration date: 8/03/2021

Place of delivery: FEMPA – CESA, Father Arrupe S / N

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“Team management and coaching”

The successful leader is one who propagate your personal potential while creating high-performing work teams, in order to achieve extraordinary results, while being sustainable for the company. Team management and leadership skills are, today more than ever, essential for the Business Growth.

Knowing how to lead teams facilitates long-term professional relationships, which has a direct impact on the management of organizations.

Team management and leadership skills are essential for business growth Freepik

Through these 5 training sessions, You will learn the basic competencies of Coaching to be able to apply them to work teams, turning these teams into EAR, that is, High Performance Teams. The course is developed in the understanding of the dysfunctions of a team and how to solve them, dialing profitable targets, knowledge of the roles of a team, the promotion of values and of the communication appreciative. At the end the attendees will have a direct application tools manual in their areas of influence.

At the same time, you will be able to develop training programs or personal and professional accompaniment, with the aim of facilitating the achievement of achievements and objectives both personal and business.

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– Modality: In person

Duration: 25 hours

Schedule: M 16:00 a 21:00h

Date: from 03/02/2021 to 03/30/2021

Place of delivery: FEMPA – CESA, Father Arrupe S / N

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“Administrative techniques”

This course will provide the student with the necessary tools to solve the problems that arise in the development of the administrative management of the company.

This course enables you to understand, lead and coordinate the administration department Freepik

The professionals who participate will acquire the necessary knowledge in accounting, business documentation, improvement of communications internal and external of the company, protocol Y business event management. This training offers the student an improvement in the necessary skills so that he can professionally understand, lead and coordinate the administration department.

Modality: In person

Duration: 50 hours

Schedule: L 16:00 to 21: 00h

Date: from 03/01/2021 to 05/10/2021

Place of delivery: FEMPA – CESA, Father Arrupe S / N

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