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Free fast food: the rewards of the McDonald’s loyalty program

Based on the rewards program tab, you will earn 100 points for every dollar spent.

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For many of the people who declare themselves fans and recurring diners of the major fast food chains, the rewards program can be highly motivating. However, one of the companies that for many has an important area of ​​growth is McDonald’s, when it comes to rewarding its biggest fans with free food, they could improve! As an antecedent we can say that they had the McCafe programAs its name implies, it gave its most loyal customers free coffee. However, no matter how often you eat those Chicken McNuggets or some classic French fries, the chain has never offered to reward its customers for it. The good news? All of this is about to change.

If McDonald’s is one of your favorite fast food chains, we have great news for you: on July 8 they launched their biggest and first loyalty program that involves food all over the country. The truth is that for many it was time for McDonald’s to join the ranks of its biggest fast food competitors like Burger King, Wendy’s, and more recently Popeyes. Therefore the chain made the decision to allow customers start earning points with every McDonald’s purchase. Those points, of course, will translate into free food.

Without a doubt, it is a very relevant initiative for one of the first and most legendary fast food chains. Not in vain currently, McDonald’s is present in 126 countries on 6 continents and it has about 31,000 restaurants around the world. According to official information, the first step to start enjoying this benefit is to download and create an account in the McDonald’s mobile application, McDonald’s will automatically give you an order of potato chips. Later, once you place your first order, you can choose from a complimentary vanilla cone, cheeseburger, McChicken, or hash browns.

While these initial free rewards sound pretty cool, the biggest bonus is that you’ll start earning points when you use the app to place a digital order or scan your code when shopping at a McDonald’s location. You will get 100 points for every $ 1 spent and, after accumulating 1,500 points, they will be exchanged for another free menu item.

The chain confirmed to The Wall Street newspaper that your reward categories will consist of four levels, with the highest level reached with 6,000 points. This will get customers a free Big Mac, Cheese Quarter Pounder, Happy Meal, or Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit. In such a way that in general, you can eat for free at all times of the day.

The truth is that starting this week, which for some will be a completely new benefit, several territories have already had access to the loyalty program for several weeks while it was being tested. In fact, it is known that since February of this year, new territories were added to the test, including areas of New England. Notably, McDonald’s has launched similar loyalty programs in several foreign markets, including Canada. What is relevant about this news is that this is your America’s first free food program.

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