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Free-for-all between MLB and MLBPA: Petitions from both sides and what the lockout entails

Disagreements between MLB and MLBPA sparked Major League Baseball’s first work stoppage in 26 years.

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The MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred announced this Thursday the start of a work stoppage after failing to reach an agreement with the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) regarding the demands of both parties for the coming years of baseball, this being the first lockout to occur in the Major Leagues in the last 26 years.

After not reaching an agreement, the strike the lockout was made official, thus leaving many uncertainties to drift for baseball fans and some problems for players who have not managed to sign a contract with an organization of the best baseball in the world.

MLB and MLBPA Applications

The requests made by both parties come from last year, when, prior to the short season for Covid-19, Rob Manfred and Tony Clarck, president of the MLBPA, met and could barely reach an agreement to carry out the last two campaigns.

Now the MLB as representative of the 30 organizations, has put its clear demands on the table:

  • Advertising logos on t-shirts.
  • NBA-style Draft Lottery
  • Pay based on WAR to determine salary in arbitration

For its part, the Players Association was more demanding when presenting up to five requests:

  • Reduction of the time of service (players with 6 years of service or with 29 and a half years can be free agents.
  • Arbitration process for players start 2nd year instead of 3rd
  • 12-team postseason
  • That the luxury tax increases from $ 210M to $ 240M
  • Universal Designated Hitter

After not reaching an agreement, MLB commissioner hinted that Clarck is to blame for this situation by not allowing the MLBPA to offer or access a possible solution. For his part, the director of the Players Association defended his position and assured that the work stoppage will not prevent players from getting what they want.

With the intention of reaching an agreement before establishing the work stoppage, MLB offered several changes In addition to the inclusion of the universal designated hitter, one of them was the expansion of the postseason and new qualifying formats for teams.

MLB’s postseason expansion proposal includes the following:

  • 14-team postseason expansion (7 for each league)
  • The best record in each league would go directly to the Serie Divisional
  • The division leading teams will have the chance to choose their opponent for the Wild-card
  • Series of Wild-card the best of 3 and the teams with the best record would own a house in the same
  • Disadvantages for players after the announcement of the work stoppage

    After the start of the work stoppage, one of the consequences that will come is the stopping of all negotiations, which means there will be no changes or signings of free agent players, or any other activity involving players on the teams’ 40-man roster.

    During the lockout, players will receive any sign-up bonuses (that occurred prior to the stoppage) or deferred salary payment, although their base salary will not be paid if the lockout extends to the regular season.

    Players will not be able to use the facilities of their respective teams as long as the stoppage continues, which means that players who are injured or in rehabilitation from a major injury, will be affected in some way.

    For its part, the MLBPA will be responsible for protecting players who want to participate in other international and / or winter leagues.

    Minor leagues could replace the majors as a fan hobby

    If the work stoppage extends beyond the start date of the 2022 season, The main baseball attraction in the United States will be in the Minor Leagues, in which all players who are outside the 40-man roster of their respective teams may participate.

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