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Freedom for the alleged serial pedophile of Valdeavero




Cristóbal LC, 48, is already on the street. The one who was a fruit farmer from Valdeavero, better known as the ‘Toba’, is accused of having sexually abused at least ten children of the town, between 3 and 14 years at the time the events occurred. He threatened that their “friends would kill them” if they turned on him.

Presumably, he touched the kids, who were friends of his children, on their genitals, and a couple of them even came to practice them, almost always in the greengrocer, in the heart of the town. Always under threats or in exchange for gifts from the premises, such as sweets. He assures that everything is a conspiracy of minors, although there are up to 16 complaints against him, several of them represented by veteran lawyer Juan Manuel Medina.

The defendant’s greengrocer was one of the few meeting points in Valdeavero, a kind of grocery store where the parents of the alleged victims came to have a wine or a beer. «He gained the trust of parents and children. He took the opportunity to take them inside and touch them », explain sources consulted.

In July 2020, the first complaint arrived at the Civil Guard barracks. One of Toba’s son’s friends refused to play with him because, he claimed, “it was his turn.” More similar testimonies were added, and even It is suspected that he had been doing this for at least two years. Before he lived in Alcalá de Henares.

Son’s friends

The Meco post opened the proceedings on August 26, 2020 and He was detained four months later by the Central Operational Unit (UCO). His ‘modus operandi’, according to the proceedings that continue to take place, was recurrent. According to the testimonies, Toba let the children play in the back of the premises, where there is a swimming pool. Allegedly, on numerous occasions, he approached them to touch their genitals. Some were friends of the accused’s son and stayed the night at his house.

He asked one of them to accompany him to his room “because they were making a lot of noise.” There, when resisting, came to bite him. On a previous occasion, he pulled down his pants and left him naked in front of the other kids. This victim is probably the one he harassed the most times.

Restraining orders and banishment

The head of court number 5 of Alcalá de Henares, which is handling the case of ten of the alleged victims, has decreed their conditional release: restraining orders of at least 500 meters from the kids and a ban on residing in this small municipality of 1,500 inhabitants.

In one of the cases, in addition, he is prohibited from communicating with his complainant through any means, whether telephone or telematic, and from establishing written, verbal or visual contact by himself or through third parties.

You must also appear every Monday before the court every Monday and communicate if you change your address. Obviously, he cannot leave Spain either.

Without leaving town

On December 17, as reported by ABC, the judge sent Toba to prison, notified and without bail, after being detained by the
Civil Guard
. Now, the togada considers that there has been a modification in the circumstances of that time: the investigation of the case is almost concluded (only some expert evidence is missing); the risk that the fruit vendor could violate the legal rights of children is considered practically non-existent; and he believes that restraining orders are enough to keep them protected.

Nor does he appreciate the risk of flight, since he has family roots (he has two children of similar ages to his victims), he will live with his parents and he lacks the economic means and work that could help him escape from the country.

In his stay in prison, El Toba received some beating at the hands of other prisoners, specifically shortly after arriving, at Christmas.

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