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Freixa, the antilaportista extreme

  • He joined Barça with Laporta in 2003, was spokesperson for Rosell’s board, appeared in 2015 against Bartomeu and now aspires to capitalize on the Nuñista vote

In November 2010, two weeks after the board of Sandro Rosell launched a liability action against him, the newspaper ‘Avui’ recorded an interview with Joan Laporta while strolling down the Diagonal. Suddenly there was a collision with a passerby who recriminated responsibility for the action and which turned out to be Toni Freixa, spokesperson for the board. In the absence of VAR, the voluntary nature of the move cannot be verified, but the tension between the two lawyers was reflected. A decade later, Freixa has been the one who has most clearly sought verbal melee with the former president, trying to establish himself as the anti-laportista extreme.

That talented extreme to which Laureano Ruiz, His coach at the Escolapios and who laid the foundations of Barça DNA, compared to Iniesta, joined Barça in 2003 at the hands of Laporta’s then-brother-in-law, Alejandro Echevarría, head of the law firm where Freixa worked and who recommended him as legal advisor. But in two years he had already left the club and the office to begin his anti-laportista militancy and join forces with Sandro Rosell, with whom he would return to the club in 2010 as spokesman. Josep Maria Bartomeu, who would accuse Freixa of being the culprit that Johan cruyff returned the insignia by saying that the statutes did not contemplate the figure of the honorary president, he was relegated from his functions until Freixa resigned to run for the presidency in 2015. Laporta accused him of being a Bartomeu submarine in those elections, something that he denied in the same way in which he now refuses the label of continuation candidate. On the other hand, he is the one that most openly tries to capitalize on the orphaned Nuñista votes, those sought by the frustrated candidacy of Juan Rosell or Jordi Roche’s. “To be called a nuñista is an honor,” he repeats whenever he is approached on this issue, valuing his management, just as he praises the It was Rosell as the best time in the history of the club.

In an electoral pre-campaign so far with a white glove, nothing to do for the moment with the tension of 2015 or the last Barça contests, theirs have been the hardest attacks against Laporta. Not only declaring that “the economic end of Gaspart, Laporta and Bartomeu has been catastrophic”, but also trying to bring the spotlight to some dark spots in Laportismo: remembering the link with the Francisco Franco Foundation of Echevarría. that according to Freixa he continues to collaborate in the Laporta campaign; or airing the issue of commissions charged by the former president in Uzbekistan. The lawsuit against Laporta for this matter was dismissed, as was the one against Freixa by the Camp Nou columbarios, accused of having charged 200,000 euros to grant a contract that was not carried out in the end.

Hope for ‘sorpasso’

It has not been the last dispute in which Freixa has been involved in recent years. The candidate for the Barça presidency created a company four years ago, Sports Social Market, that she has already been convicted of fraud by a Cantabrian court and is awaiting the resolution of another one presented for the same crime in a Barcelona court.

It may interest you

While other candidates for the presidency are suffering to pass the signature cut, Freixa asserts that, like five years ago, he has had them for days. If in 2015 he had more rubrics than votes, at 52 he believes that this time it could be very different since, with Font and Laporta fighting the battle in the cruyffista and independence field, he has the entire field free of sociological nuñismo to give the ‘sorpasso’.

As Rosell did in his day, he has sought the vote of the animation crowd by signing an agreement with Penya Almogàvers, Penya Nostra Ensenya, Supporters Barça and Front 532 in which he undertakes to “promote and promote” this initiative. To boost the team again, he has opted for Lluís Carreras, with the aim of returning the club to the model, with the quarry as a base and away from the galactic signings that Bartomeu reproaches. «It makes me laugh when they say that Bartomeu was a nuñista. Núñez would not have done the atrocities that have been done lately with sports management, “says Freixa.

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