Wednesday, October 20

French health personnel expect Macron a “real confinement”

Queues of customers at the doors of a premises on the Champs Elysees in Paris

The saturation of intensive care units in France has caused the health sector to raise its voice to demand the president, Emmanuel Macron, a “true confinement” that allows to reduce the pressure to which they are subjected.

While waiting for the vaccination strategy to be translated into a slowdown of the epidemic, their observation is clear: without more restrictive measures, they only have an option transfer patients to less affected regions, open new resuscitation beds or select patients that they can attend to.

And none of these possibilities is completely feasible or satisfactory, stressed this Monday a group of nine doctors in an article in the newspaper Le Monde, where they stressed that “it is time for the Executive to clearly and publicly assume the health consequences of its political decisions.” .

His appeal is added to the one that this Sunday another 41 toilets launched in the Sunday ‘Le Journal du Dimanche’, who insisted that they had not been subjected to a similar collapse not even in the worst terrorist attacks registered in recent years in the country. “All the indicators coincide to affirm that the current measures are and will be insufficient to quickly reverse the alarming curve of contagions”, indicated these 41 professionals, concerned about the “flagrant discrepancy between the needs and the available resources.”

The head of the ICU at the Parisian hospital in Saint-Louis, Elie Azoulay, graphically exemplified this: since the polio epidemic in 1954, there has not been another period in which everyone comes to the ICU for the same disease needing the same treatments and the same machinery.

New decisions

The Government awaits the evolution of the situation these next two days before making a new decision. This Sunday they signed up 37,014 positives in 24 hours, and the daily average of the last week is around 36,600. In the French ucis there are 4,872 patients with covid-19, a figure that has increased by 11% compared to last week, according to the digital CovidTracker. It is very close to the high of 4,903 that marked the peak of the second wave in mid-November. The incidence rate in seven days per 100,000 inhabitants also reaches 362 cases, well above the alert level of 50.

“All options are on the table to guarantee the health security of the French,” said the French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, on Monday. does not rule out a new generalized confinement such as those of March and November, although it assures that it is working to avoid it.

In recent months, the Council of Ministers on Wednesdays and the weekly press conference on Thursdays on the health situation have set the pace of the country with the different devices decided to slow down the epidemic.

Hope for vaccines

Although the Government is confident in the effects of vaccination, French health workers reduce optimism: “It is too early for the campaign to significantly improve developments of the epidemic in this critical period “, they stressed in ‘Le Journal Du Dimanche’. Until this past Saturday and since the end of December, 7.7 million French had received one dose and another 2.6 million had completed the cycle of two. On Saturday, those over 70 began to be vaccinated, and in early April those over 65 will continue to be vaccinated.

Macron assumed this Sunday the decisions taken so far, despite the criticism, and maintained that they have been proportional to the situation, not without making it clear that new ones will be taken if necessary.

France currently has 19 departments under lockdown, including Paris, which make up more than a third of the population, while another 16 are under “reinforced surveillance.” Some restrictions that are added to those that are in force throughout the country, such as the closure of bars, restaurants, cinemas or museums since October.

Waiting for a possible change in the current roadmap this week, the authorities this Monday limited the control in schools, where a single case of covid in the departments subjected to confinement, instead of the previous three, will be enough to close one class.

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