Monday, January 24

French hospital denies politician’s claim of unvaccinated workers

A hospital in France has denied claims that around a third of its medical staff have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

One politician had suggested that around 30% of CHU Nantes doctors and nurses were not vaccinated.

But the hospital has declared that “almost 100%” of its workers had received a puncture.

French medical workers who have not received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine are now facing suspension from work.

President Emmanuel Macron had told medical professionals and those who work with vulnerable people that they should receive the vaccine by September 15, in an effort to increase acceptance of vaccination and protect patients from infection.

About 3,000 staff members from health and social care facilities were suspended on Thursday, the first day after the deadline expired. Some hospitals had expressed concern that staff shortages would increase their stress.

According to the latest figures de SantĂ© Publique France, 89.3% of the country’s nurses had been vaccinated and 95.0% of the independent staff.

Philippot’s claim

Florian Philippot, a former French MEP and founder of the Eurosceptic Patriots party, released a report on the university hospital in the western city of Nantes.

Philippot falsely claimed to his 278,000 Twitter followers that some of the CHU Nantes staff had not been vaccinated. The tweet has been shared more than 2,000 times.

“CHU Nantes: 30% of health workers have not yet received a dose of vaccine,” he wrote on Twitter.

But the university hospital has rejected the claim, saying that only 1% of its staff have yet to be vaccinated.

“The day after the implementation of the mandatory vaccination for hospital staff, the Nantes University Hospital is pleased to note that almost 100% of the professionals in our establishment have been vaccinated against COVID-19,” a spokesperson told Euronews.

“In fact, to date, only 91 professionals, out of the almost 13,000, have not complied with their vaccination obligation and, therefore, are suspended until further notice.

“Each suspended professional will be received and accompanied to resolve their individual situation.”

Majority support for the vaccination mandate

The CHU Nantes spokesperson also told Euronews that more than 11,300 medical workers at the facility have been fully vaccinated.

“We want to thank all professionals for their tireless mobilization … in vaccination against COVID-19,” the statement continues.

“This approach is the only way out of the crisis, at the service of the community and, above all, at the protection of the most vulnerable.”

“Once again, the public hospital service is demonstrating its commitment and its ability to be at the forefront of the response to the health crisis.”

CHU Nantes also stated that all staff must still wear masks on the premises and carry COVID-19 health passes.

Polls have suggested that a majority of people support the vaccination mandate for medical personnel, but critics have regularly protested against the measure.

On Tuesday, some medical professionals burned their diplomas at a protest in Paris against mandatory vaccinations.

About 84% of French adults are now fully vaccinated, and the country has also opened vaccines to children 12 and older and started giving booster shots to vulnerable people.

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