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French people who cross the border will have to show negative test or covid passport from this Wednesday

Since last Monday, international travelers have been allowed in.

Since last Monday, international travelers have been allowed in.

Spain requires from this Wednesday the vaccination certificate or a negative test to all people over 12 years old from areas at risk of France that arrive in the country by land.

This is stated in the order published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which establishes that citizens who cross into Spain must have the certification that the holder has received a vaccine against COVID-19 starting 14 days later. at the date of administration of the last dose of the complete vaccination regimen.

The accepted vaccines will be those authorized by the European Medicines Agency or those that have completed the emergency use process of the World Health Organization.

If you are not immunized, Health will require a certificate indicating the result of a diagnostic test of active COVID-19 infection that the holder has carried out, whether it is PCR or antigens.

Both certificates must be written in Spanish, English, French or German and, if it is not possible to obtain it in these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish by an official body.

The order, which comes into force this Wednesday, will take effect until the Government declares the end of the situation of health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Travelers arriving in France from a destination that is not considered risky, including the European Union as a whole, can enter the country as of this Wednesday without presenting any coronavirus test as long as they prove that they have received one. approved vaccine.

For the countries in green, within which Spain appears, France determines that it will only be necessary to present a negative PCR or antigen test carried out in the previous 72 hours If the traveler does not prove that they are already vaccinated against COVID-19 with any of the vaccines endorsed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Raise the minimum age

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health has raised the minimum age for health requirements from 6 to 12 years to undergo a test to detect if there is a COVID-19 infection to enter Spain.

This is stated in the resolution of the General Directorate of Public Health published this Wednesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which modifies a previous one of last day 4 regarding the health controls to be carried out at the points of entry in Spain.

For this modification, Health has taken into account the Minimum age to qualify for vaccination and the limits that some countries around Spain have already established.

Likewise, that the revision of the European Union (EU) recommendation to coordinate restrictions on free movement in response to the pandemic provides that children under 12 years of age should be exempted from the requirement to undergo a travel-related test to detect infection.

This resolution takes effect from this Wednesday, the day of its publication in the BOE.

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