Wednesday, October 27

French Police Increase Controls As Easter Travel Exemption Ends

On Saturday, the “shutdown light” measures were extended to cover all of France, including a travel ban between regions.

French President Emmanuel Macron had ordered police to show leniency over the weekend, saying during his live speech last week: “Those who want to change region for the lockdown period can do so over Easter weekend.”

Currently scheduled to end in four weeks, the French government could extend the measures if the health situation requires it.

But with the Easter weekend over, police controls will multiply this week, authorities confirmed to French media on Tuesday.

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Over the weekend, the police made more than 100,000 stops and handed out 10,500 fines, according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

“Essentially,” said Darmanin Europe 1 on Tuesday morning, the fines “were for non-compliance with the curfew after 7 pm and meetings of more than six people in public.”

Starting Tuesday, the police will increase the number of checkpoints on roads, highways and train stations to ensure compliance with the travel ban, which was already in force in 19 departments and was extended to all of April 3. the country.

Anyone traveling more than 10km in France now needs a attestation (permission form) stating the purpose of your trip.

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The form can be found HERE or in the TousAntiCovid application.

Train Stations

Those traveling by train in the coming days and weeks may meet officers asking them to present a attestation with a valid reason for your trip upon arrival.

“When a train arrives, we stand at the end of the platform, which allows everyone to be controlled,” the official told the French newspaper. Le Figaro.


As with train passengers, drivers now need a attestation to take a trip and risk a € 135 fine if they violate the travel rules.

People in France got used to these kinds of checkpoints during the previous two closures.

“If the verification takes too long, they warn us quickly, allowing drivers to find another way to avoid us,” the official told Figaro, explaining that people now use apps to report when they see speed cameras or police.

Whether or not the police control all passing cars will depend on the level of traffic in the area. If there are a lot of cars, checking all of them will create traffic jams, which they want to avoid, the officer said.


Airport controls have been in place for a long time, after France tightened the rules on January 1 by closing its borders outside the EU.

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While the restrictions for travelers from seven non-EU countries (including UK, Australia and New Zealand) relaxed in March, this does not cover US travelers.

Complete rules for traveling in and out of France HERE.

Other rules

The police will also increase controls to ensure that people comply with current health regulations, such as a night curfew (7 p.m. to 6 a.m.), the prohibition of alcohol consumption in public and a limit of six people for outdoor meetings.


Breaking lockdown or curfew rules means risking € 135 fine, which can amount to € 3,750 and six months in prison for repeat offenders.

For full details on ‘lock light’ rules, click HERE.

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