Sunday, December 5

French tourism supersedes English and becomes the first client of the Costa Blanca

This summer, French tourism has become the first foreign market on the Costa Blanca with 5.3% of the share of tourists staying in hotels according to their nationality. Although Spaniards continue to be the majority with 81.8%, foreigners have been gaining presence as the lifting of travel restrictions has progressed. The British recover slowly and fall to second place with 4.3% of the share, followed by the Portuguese (2.7%), Belgians (1%) and Dutch (0.8%). The Costa Blanca has direct flights this summer with Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Tolousse, Marseille and Lyon from Alicante-Elche airport and are the ones with the best occupancy. In all the hotels on the Costa Blanca, not counting Benidorm, the Spanish were the majority last week with 87.2% of the total, while the next most important market was the French, which is acquiring a special importance this summer in the whole of the Valencian Community with 3.5%, in a summer in which only 1.7% of the travelers are of British origin. Secondly, This weekend it is even better than the previous one and an occupancy of 90% is expected, five points above the forecasts of the last weekend.

Until now, French tourism occupied the second place in importance for the province, which, nevertheless, has maintained an extraordinary relationship with France for 50 years. whose residents outnumber even the British. Until now the British were the majority in the tourist occupation of hotels and apartments. On the other hand, on Wednesday or Thursday of next week there is a key to know which will be the evolution of British tourism on the Costa Blanca as the British Government plans to review the traffic light that regulates the restrictions and everything indicates that Spain will remain in amber, which, as pointed out by the hotel sector, will open the possibility of a rebound in hotel reservations, which despite having been encouraged since the middle of the month are still very stopped. The fall in infections in recent weeks has lowered the fear that Spain could go to the red list as the incidence is below 360 cases and with the vaccination with the two doses it is around 72%. Moreover, on August 4, when the last traffic light revision in the United Kingdom took place, the incidence was around 640 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. To this is added that in the set of In the Valencian Community the incidence is even better, below three hundred cases already.

Tour operators and airlines trust that Spain will remain in amber – vaccinated travelers returning to the United Kingdom are exempt from quarantine – after having shown their fear that the country could go red next week after knowing that one out of every 35 English tourists from Spain had tested positive for covid, according to British media, which yesterday, however, lowered the alarm level.

250 hotels open at the best time of the year

The tourist sector of the Costa Blanca faces this weekend as the best time of the year with a total of 250 hotels open and only 30 hotels closed, almost all in Benidorm, which, however, already has 99 hotels operating. The average occupancy is around 90% and some hotels have even had to close sales to be able to offer services with more space in their common areas.

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