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Friends of Verónica Forqué say goodbye to the actress before the great tribute

The death of Verónica Forqué has generated stupor among her friends and colleagues, who this Tuesday they have fired her between sadness and happy memories at the San Isidro mortuary in Madrid, where they have also talked about the impact that criticism on social networks could have on her for her participation in ‘Masterchef’.

A more intimate first farewell they have attended Silvia Abascal, Antonio Resines, Ana Belén, Belén Cuesta, David Bustamante, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Miki Nadal, Terelu Campos or Pepón Nieto, before the public tribute to be held this Wednesday at the Spanish Theater.

And while in the funeral home he remembered its sweetness and fragility, some of his companions dared to sing a shy ‘mea culpa’.

“I’m sorry if I never knew how to react properly. I’m sorry if in some way I fed the stigma or contributed to aggravating the pain with indifference or frivolity. The best, the most authentic has left,” the singer, actress and activist said in her networks LGTB Samantha Hudson.

Hudson was one of Forqué’s companions in the latest edition of RTVE’s ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ program, in which they also participated Victoria Abril, Belén López, Terelu Campos, Miki Nadal, Eduardo Navarrete, Bustamante or Arkano.

Too Yolanda ramos wanted to send a message about the fragility of the interpreters: “Actors are often killed by the tool that feeds us, the essential tool with which we work like any worker, that tool is sensitivity. That tool, like a poor bricklayer without a helmet, becomes two iron plates that fall on us and kill us. Dear Veronica, your death was a work accident and your work tool your sensitivity. ”

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Reactions to the suicide of the actress -according to police sources- that during her participation in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ she showed erratic and explosive behavior, which received criticism on the networks, from where she now laments the lack of attention paid to the protagonist then from ‘Peek‘.

However, Terelu Campos has been emphatic in her statements to the press upon leaving the funeral home: “Do not hesitate, please, Vero at Masterchef was immensely happy, but immensely happy.with”.

From RTVE they have not wanted to respond to the criticisms against the program. This Tuesday the chain’s Christmas programming was presented at a hotel in Madrid, in an event attended by several of the best-known faces of the corporation and chain executives, including the president, José Manuel Pérez Tornero.

The event has started with a memory of Verónica Forqué and an “affectionate hug” to her family, but at the end they did not want to offer further statements in this regard.

And the producer Shine Iberica, responsible for the program, has indicated in a statement that “At ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ the well-being, safety and respect for the privacy of the contestants is our absolute priority. Verónica decided to both begin and end her participation in the program when and as she considered it, counting on our continued support. ”

An afternoon of tears

But beyond controversy, what was experienced this Tuesday in the funeral home was an afternoon of tears, sadness and few statements from the actress’s family and closest friends, who wanted to come to say goodbye to her before the public tribute she will receive this Wednesday at the Spanish Theater, where it will be installed the burning chapel.

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His daughter Maria entered without making a statement, as well as Antonio Resines, Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel, Belén Cuesta, Isabel Ordaz, David Bustamante, Eva Isanta and Vanesa Romero

One of the most excited has been Silvia Abascal – her daughter in the unforgettable series’Pepa and Pepe‘- which has ensured that Forqué “was a very special person, bright, cheerful, very generous, fun“.

“I can only remember her with her talent, joy, her desire, her humor, with that little voice that seemed very innocent, but Vero was very clever,” added Abascal, who had tried to contact the actress in recent weeks without succeeding .

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo wanted to highlight to the media that Forqué was a “fighter and a wonderful woman”, which “has always come adding to the sites.”

“We all love her and we will continue to love her, she has been one of the most important in this country and she will leave an irreplaceable gap because as she has not been and there will be no one. She is an angel,” said Silvia Marsó, who wanted to specify the Forqué’s great sensitivity and that what was seen of her in recent times “was because she was very ill and had to be cared for.”

“Where I wanted to be

Fernando Colomo has indicated that all his teammates are very affected “because he was a special being, he was kindness, a wonderful character” and producer Enrique Cerezo recalled that he had known her since she was a child because she started working with her father, José María Forqué, and she visited him on the set with barely 10 years.

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And amid the pain, a touch of humor came from the hand of Cristina Medina, who stressed that Forqué “was a special person” whom most knew as the great actress she was, but for her friends “she was much more.” “We have laughed a lot, we have had many good days and with that we stayed, and she is where she wanted to be and you have to respect her“, said Medina before announcing that they will celebrate a” coven “for Forqué.

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