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From chaos to creativity

From chaos to creativity

One sector that is growing, especially with the pandemic, is homeschooling or homeschooling.

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An old proverb says that there is no evil that for good does not come. Despite the unfortunate circumstances caused by the pandemic, this event has caused education to undergo a deep – and already late – reexamination.

From the perspective of teachers, having to adapt quickly and forcefully to teaching online has accelerated the transition to models that were seen as distant or circumscribed to a certain, but not all, type of student.

The creation of learning pods (or learning groups) has opened the possibility for teachers to work under a private contract with a small team of children whose families have agreed with each other to hire a professional, who is responsible for providing continuity to the learning process of its members.

In turn, this alliance gives families the power to choose the most suitable teacher-candidate for this work, and allows the teacher to become an independent entrepreneur, who enjoys greater freedom to innovate, dictate her schedule, price and conditions . In addition, this type of arrangement facilitates a more personalized interaction between parents / students / teachers.

Another emergency measure that has gained popularity is micro-schools, which usually house between 20-30 students. A micro-school is to a school district what a speedboat is to the Titanic. In other words, the speed of response and rehabilitation of a micro-school is greater, compared to the structure of the public bureaucracy, since the inherent independence is its decentralized nature.

A few children under the tutelage of a few teachers solves the dilemma of layers and layers of command to take any measure, thus speeding up the responses and solutions required according to each case.

Another sector that is growing with boom and enthusiasm is homeschooling or homeschooling. Since they had no other alternative, many families have discovered that it can be done! These fathers and mothers have taken charge of their children’s education and have chosen to leave them studying from their homes.

This modality has come to save the day for children who suffered from child bullying, or who simply operate better in confined spaces, among many other cases. Even in homeschooling, sometimes paying for an educational professional to act as a tutor is used to fill any gaps that may have been created.

In each of the above cases, the opportunities and possibilities for teachers to reinvent themselves as professionals free from ties, arbitrary mandates, protocols designed with the function that the student can pass a test (instead of learning) and all the other components of that scaffolding that governs teaching.

Now more than ever, teachers can take to the field to execute their own visions, opting for one or multiple ideas. Without meaning to, the chaos produced by the pandemic has stimulated inventiveness, boosted creativity and allowed the search for new ways of learning and teaching. And hence the old saying today fits us like a glove.

-Hergit Llenas is an activist, writer and director of Hispanic Participation for The American Federation for Children

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