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From glory to hardship: she won an Emmy award and was found mummified under a pile of garbage in New York

Forensic transportation in NYC.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Evelyn Sakash, A stage designer who won an Emmy Award (2004) – the Oscar of TV in the USA – was found mummified under a pile of garbage at her home in Queens (NYC).

Sakash, 66, was found surrounded by debris Tuesday after her sister hired a cleaning crew at the 123rd St home in College Point to try to locate her.

Neighbors haven’t heard from her since October. It is unclear when Sakash died or the cause of his death. She lived alone, criminality is not suspected in the case and it was reported that she had a habit of accumulating objects.

Neighbor Laraine Memola, 68, told the New York Post that she had a feeling about the death of her “good friend” and he insisted that the police search the house in October. “Everybody told me I was wrong, because I knew she was there. I knew it. And I begged … the detectives working on the case to get in there. They guaranteed me that she wasn’t there. “

“I spoke with her almost daily and she was compassionate, loving, generous. with both people and animals ”, said Memola, a former Rockette of Radio City Music Hall.

Sakash skipped grades in school, but She graduated from Queens College with high honors, leading to a career as a TV, film and Broadway production designer. Thus, he worked in dozens of notable locations since the mid-1980s, and won an Emmy for his work on the children’s series “Between the Lions,” that promoted reading habits.

Sus créditos incluyen “Sesame Street”, “Law and Order”, “Orange Is the New Black”, y “Still Alice,” for which Julianne Moore won the 2015 Oscar for Best Actress. Lately Sakash worked producing sets on Broadway, Memola said. But that job died at the start of the pandemic.

Memola and dozens of friends of a Facebook private group called “Evelyn We Love You” had been haunted by Sakash’s disappearance since October. But it would take five months to meet the tragic end. When the bad news came on Tuesday, Memola was in such a frenzy that she was hospitalized.

“I got really mad last night when all this was discovered. And it was what I said and no one addressed it, “Memola said yesterday, referring to her premonition of autumn.

In a similar case, in late February, elderly twins Elliot and Jerry Wolfire were found “mummified” at their home in Brooklyn (NYC). New York City’s most famous hoarding brother deaths occurred in 1947, when Homer y Langley Collyer passed away at their home in Harlem, after tons of collected garbage will collapse on them, remembered New York Post.

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