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From hiding to 30 years in prison: this was the fall of the leaders of the Galician Resistance

After more than 13 years in hiding, the leaders of the Galician Resistance, Anton Garcia Matos Y Asuncion Losada Camba, were finally located in June 2019 in a coffee shop A Laxe shopping center in Vigo. Antiterrorist forces had followed in his footsteps in Portugal and Venezuela. Today they have been sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Hidden from view of all, the leaders of Resistencia Galega lived the last four years before their arrest in a abandoned village, old hippie commune, from the Pontevedra municipality of Fornelos de Montes, from where they led a normal life.

In Fornelos, the neighbors believed that it was two retirees who had decided to change their lives and enjoy the countryside in hippie style with your pension. No one intuited that this couple was considered the heads of the armed independence movement of Resistencia Galega which they designed in 2005, heir to the structure of the Guerrilla Army of the Galician People Ceive.

This last group left Galicia three fatalities between 1987 and 1991 in the wake of attack perpetrated in the Clangor nightclub in Santiago and another in which an Irixoa Civil Guard agent died. Matos was tried for the attempt to blow up the equestrian statue of Franco in Ferrol in July 1987, attributed to the Guerrilla Army, but the National Court acquitted him.

Asunción was born in Santiago and Antón is a native of San Sebastián and was considered a “high level of danger” according to the Interpol search file. the two met wanted and captured by Interpol since 2006 for his alleged involvement in numerous terrorist attacks throughout Galicia. Resistencia Galega was declared a terrorist organization in 2014 by the Supreme Court.

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Detention in 2019

At the time of her arrest, in June 2019 in Vigo, Asunción Losada Camba was carrying a envelope with 1,250 euros and five sheets of handwritten notes indicating the operational activities of the organization to be carried out in the near future.

In the home of Fornelos de Montes, where García Matos and Losada Camba were hiding at the time, they found, among other effects, a pistol, a revolver, a submachine gun, ammunition, 2,475 euros in cash, DNI to travel with affiliation other than the real one and annotations with information on people and facilities against which to attack.

Likewise, both defendants they had hidden in a garage located in the Portuguese town of Coimbra, among other effects, 122 palenque bombs, 43 PVC devices with gunpowder, watches to use as timers, several meters of fuse, boxes full of gunpowder cartridges and a pot of potassium chlorate.


The defendants during the trial. JJ Guillén

The two heads of the Galician Resistance have accepted 28 years in prison at the trial by confessing terrorist crimes, including integration as leaders in the gang, and two other defendants four and three years in prison, although one of them has clarified that they were not moved by terror but by “love of Galicia”.

The leaders of the gang, Antón García Matos and Asunción Losada Camba, and the members of the same Miguel García Nogales and Xoan Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez, have arrived this Monday, January 24, 2022 at the National Court to a agreement with the public prosecutor and the lawyer of the popular accusation, exercised by the Victims of Terrorism Association, which have lowered their requests for sentences when the accused confess the crimes.

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They have acknowledged being the perpetrators of the crimes of belonging to a terrorist organization in their capacity as leaders


In the hearing and fruit of said agreement, which will be reflected in the sentence that the National High Court will dictate, the first two have acknowledged being perpetrators of the crimes of belonging to a terrorist organization in their capacity as leaders, manufacture of explosives, false documents and illegal possession of weapons, and the other two have confessed to joining the gang.

“I fought for the love of Galicia”

Only Xoan Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez has made use of his right to the last word to state that although he acknowledges the facts with which he is accused and accepts the court’s ruling, he considers that neither he nor the other defendants are defined by the qualification of terrorists.

My militancy was never oriented towards terror but on the contrary towards love, I militate for the love of Galicia, which is a country that is in a period of extinction”, he concluded.

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