Friday, March 31

From Juwan Howard to Woody Hayes to John Chaney, coaches relish fights

Coaches are wary of publicly criticizing members of their fraternity.

Hitting another coach is frowned upon. Worse in the eyes of this fraternity, though, would be calling out a coach for hitting another coach. That’s more taboo than running up the score or using a timeout near the end of a lopsided game.

So, it’s no surprise coaches were not among the folks who called for Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard to receive a harsh punishment or even be fired after he hit Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft in the head after a game Sunday.

In most lines of work, taking a swing at someone would get you fired on the spot. Sports are weird, though, and don’t follow the same set of life rules. Howard’s smack is the latest incident in a line of coaches getting into fights.

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