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From star restaurant to union headquarters

The new headquarters of the USO union in the Guadiana Urbanization. / CASIMIRO MORENO

Change. The premises of the Aldebarán restaurant, in the Guadiana Urbanization, have been renovated to house USO, which will turn the kitchen into a training room

The kitchen that achieved a Michelin star will become a training room to prepare, for example, how to get an opposition. The USO union has bought the old premises of the Aldebarán restaurant to open its new headquarters. This entity has decided to expand its facilities after increasing the number of members and with the aim of offering new services.

The Aldebarán restaurant closed its doors in March 2014 after 22 years being a benchmark not only for Badajoz, but also regionally. It had three partners: the prestigious chef Fernando Bárcena together with Milagros Gómez and Ainhoa ​​Bárcena. The business went on to win a Michelin star, in addition to many other international awards, but said goodbye to its customers.

Later the premises it occupied in the Guadiana Urbanization, which has two floors, was occupied by El Carrascal, the popular Portuguese restaurant specializing in chicken. However, it didn’t last long and has been empty ever since despite being nestled in an area with a lot of hospitality activity.

The Aldebarán restaurant closed in 2014 after 22 years as a regional benchmark for hospitality

Finally, it has been the USO union that has acquired the property. On April 5, they moved their activity from their old headquarters on Ronda del Pilar avenue to this new location in the Guadiana Urbanization. They have carried out several reforms to reopen and there are some pending works. For example, a specialized company is dismantling the high-quality kitchen. It will be the space that becomes a classroom and that has an independent entrance to be able to adapt to the schedule of the classes that are taught in this place. However, the new facility already has functioning administration and a conference room.

More espacious

Juan Antonio García, from the USO union, explains that they needed a larger headquarters due to the rapid growth that their entity has had. Their old premises were too small for them and they also did not have a space to teach. “We have several projects underway, including giving free classes to prepare for oppositions,” García advances.

This USO spokesman details that they have decided to buy the premises instead of renting and that their main objective is to expand services.

The Unión Sindical Obrera inaugurated this new headquarters at the beginning of the month. The act was chaired by its general secretary, Joaquín Pérez, who highlighted in the presentation that its members had increased by 30% in a single year in Extremadura, reaching 3,500 members. The coordinator Luis Gil also attended the launch of the facilities, as well as other regional and national representatives of this union. “Three years ago, when USO undertook this constant growth in Extremadura, we had 2,000,” Gil said.

The inauguration had the support of the Mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gragera, and the union officials took advantage of the event to review the current labor market. « Our community is still at the bottom of the salaries in Spain, with 850 euros per month less than the people of Madrid, 430 less than the average and only close to the Canary Islands. It is not enough to say that life in Extremadura is cheaper than in Madrid. The latest confirmed CPI data places the rise in prices at 8.1%, compared to the 7.4% national average, and we have not yet known the one for March, which in Spain will be close to 10% when it is confirmed, “he denounced. Louis Gil.

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