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From Xiaomi and very cheap: this robot vacuum cleaner for only 199 euros also scrubs and also has Alexa

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One of the most competitive low cost robot vacuum cleaners is from Xiaomi and has just arrived in Spain officially. It is the Vacuum Mop 2S and it costs less than 200 euros.

There are two accessories that are in fashion in all homes right now: on the one hand, the well-known air fryers and, on the other, robot vacuum cleaners, which help a lot to have all types of floors always ready and effortless.

Of the many robots that are for sale, the Roomba from iRobot stand out, as well as the Conga from the Spanish Cecotec, although these two companies have had a tough rival in Xiaomi, which already sells several of its models in Spain. . The last to arrive was Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2S, which starts at a price of only 199 euros on Amazon and in the official Xiaomi store.

It is quite cheap, especially if we look at its characteristics, since It is not only a robot vacuum cleaner but it is also multipurpose, with a liquid tank to mop dry and wetso in addition to the broom you can also forget about the mop.

This robot vacuum cleaner with laser technology can vacuum, mop and also scrub. It has an affordable price and a suction power of no less than 2,200 Pa.

Although it has been for sale on Amazon for some time, it was an imported product, with all that this means for the purposes of the manufacturer’s warranty and possible repairs. It has not been until a few weeks ago when it has officially been put up for sale in our country.

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Due to its power, it is suitable for all types of floors, for carpets, for rugs and also for houses where there are pets, something that the most basic models on the market do not guarantee.

It has WiFi and you can control it from the Xiaomi Mi Home appin which progress is monitored, you can switch between the different vacuum modes and see the virtual map that is being created with its advanced laser system.

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For less than 200 euros it is a very complete robot and above all it boasts a good navigation system, the real weak point of other low cost rivals, which either move randomly or make a map of the house that is quite inaccurate.

To make matters worse, and how could it be otherwise, both the official Xiaomi online store and Amazon offer free shipping to any part of Spain with your order.

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