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Frustrating draw for Barça in Granada

  • The thick Barça team let itself equal a goal from Luuk de Jong with a header in the absence of a minute

  • The expulsion of Gavi with 11 minutes to go aggravated the fragility of Xavi’s team

The upward dynamics of the team Xavi was slowed in grenade. Chaos at the exit of a corner frustrated Barça in its resumption of the League. Luke de jong He had vindicated himself with another header goal, but the immaturity of Gavi, which caused a more than fair second yellow card, aggravated the fragility of the Barça team, which did not know how to seize a match that was facing them (1-1). Granada tied with a minute to go and twisted the gesture of the Barça expedition and in particular of their coach on their return to Barcelona.

Luuk de Jong became the protagonist of the most remarkable thing that Barça wove. Seeing is believing. They annulled a goal by a millimeter. Not his, but Gavi’s, who pocketed the ball apparently offside in a previous action. It frustrated the Dutchman that his header did not count. With how well he combed it.

Then he almost scored the goal of the decade with a scorpion shot that missed by a couple of feet. Y he still caused a penalty that the referee stole by a push from behind when he was facing the goal that frustrated him even more. It would seem that his ungainly footwork fooled the referee. He believed it possible that the forward fell only when trying to shoot inside the area. And yes, it can happen, but it was not the case.

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More confidence

Xavi, conditioned by the limitation of the affiliate’s chips, opted to bet again on De Jong instead of Memphis, which was returning to a call-up still at half throttle. The long Dutch striker was seen with the confidence reinforced after the Mallorca goal. Apart from the shots and the goal, he effectively downloaded the game and, in short, he was useful in these games where he was needed. It doesn’t seem like it’s enough to force a change of mind and hold you back in this winter market. But he has proven himself an honest footballer.

Ter Stegen, on the other hand, did become a bit essential again. He has recovered a good version of himself, as he already found in Mallorca. In the first half, with a shot from Machis, he put an arm of steel to deprive Robert Moreno’s Granada of taking the lead in the first half. It must, however, improve the output of the ball. He made some precipitation mistakes when the party called for calm.

No fluency

A fluid Barça was not seen. No speed was seen in the movement of the ball, despite lining up a forward-looking midfield with Nico and the returned Gavi and without Riqui Puig, who returned to the bench after two missed starts. Not a minute played. Alvaro Sanz He passed him in the second half in a high-stakes turnaround. An expulsion of a footballer from the first team would have caused the defeat by improper elimination.

No overflow was seen in the bands either. The ball was opened as dictated by Xavi’s precepts, but at Jutglà costs him the short dribble and Dembélé made of Dembélé. One of lime and two of sand. He faces as they mark the canons and then a ball escapes him childishly. Or it goes inwards without really knowing why. It seems that he is as capable of dizzying his rivals as his own teammates. You have to be very special to achieve that.

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Second youth for Alves

Dembélé fired a lot, but with little gunpowder. This Saturday it was all De Jong, who scored with his head, how could it be otherwise (d. 58). It is his strong point and, from what it seems lately, also from Barça. Heading have been the last three goals of the team. De Jong took advantage of the magnificent Alves pass, who returned to starting and on the right-back after the unconvincing test as an interior in Linares.

Alves became with 38 years in the oldest footballer to play with the Barça shirt in the League. And yes, as Xavi predicted, it looks like it’s going to help. He offers a neat ball exit and an understanding of the game superior to others in his position. Also surgical passes. It remains to be seen how it responds to more demanded parties.

Barça did not go for the game as corresponds to a strong team. It became long again. And he started coughing. Eric Garcia’s injury and Lenglet’s entry in his place weakened the defensive structure. And the expulsion of the impetuous Gavi (two fouls, two yellows, both fair) in the absence of 10 minutes aggravated the ailments.

Granada’s tie came almost when the discount began, Doors work, in a group mess at the exit of a corner. The team was not with 10, but with 9, because Alves had been temporarily out due to injury. A goal when it hurts, at the end, when the triumph had been savored for many minutes. Xavi’s project still has more than two feet to mature.

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GRENADE: Maximiliano (6); Quini (6), Díaz (4), Torrente (5), Neva (6); Puertas (7), Milla (6), Gonalons (6), Luis Suárez (6), Molina (5); Darwin (6). Technician: Robert Moreno (7).

Changes: Montoro (5) by Gonalons (m. 62); Duarte (6) for Díaz (d. 68); Collado (5) by Machís (m. 68); Escudero (sc) by Neva (m. 84); Baccan (sc) by Quini (m. 84).

BARCELONA: Ter Stegen (6); Alves (7), Piqué (6), Eric (6), Alba (5), Busquets (6); Nico (5), Gavi (4); Dembélé (5), L. De Jong (7), Jutglà (5). Technician: Xavi Hernández (6).

Changes: Lenglet (5) by Eric (m. 54); Abde (5) by Jutglà (d. 61); Memphis (4) by De Jong (m. 71); Sanz (5) for Dembélé (m. 82).

GOALS: 0-1 (d. 57), Luuk De Jong; 1-1 (m. 89), Doors.

REFEREE: González Fuertes (6), Asturian

Cards: Gavi (m. 22 and 79), Lenglet (m. 56), Memphis (m. 69), Piqué (m. 80), Abde (m. 83), Bacca (m. 93).

STADIUM: New Cármenes.

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