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Fuel price: Extremadura gas stations begin to receive advances for the 20-cent discount


Some service stations have already received notification that their money has been sent by the Tax Agency

Extremadura gas stations are beginning to receive notifications from the Treasury informing that it has given the payment order for the liquidity advances so that they can discount the 20 cents of euros for each liter of fuel for all their clients. This is the star measure announced last week by the Government to curb the rise in fuel prices.

As TODAY has been able to learn, some service station entrepreneurs have received notice this past morning that the money has been sent to them, although the bank has not yet paid them the money.

As this newspaper has been reporting, of that discount of 20 cents, in general the public treasury will bear the cost of 15 cents. The gas station must apply an additional discount of another five cents. However, not everyone will do it the same, small and medium suppliers (those with a turnover of less than 750 million euros) will not have to face this discount. It will be the State that assumes this expense, together with the 15 euro cents per liter generalized.

ask for the advance

The measure came into force last Friday, and from Thursday the businessmen could already begin to request the advance payment from the Tax Agency corresponding to the fuel rebates that correspond to them for their sales. They can do it through the specific form on the website of the Tax Agency. Treasury is now starting to transfer the money.

In fact, a good part of the sector in Extremadura threatened on Thursday with a lockout due to doubts generated by the measure. However, they decided to give the administration a vote of confidence and delayed any protest measures until they saw if the advances from the Government arrived quickly.

On Friday itself, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, had already anticipated that 700 gas stations had requested that advance in the first hours of the measure’s validity, and indicated that as of this week they would receive that amount. Montero pointed out: “We know perfectly well that there are certain gas stations that cannot anticipate that cost of the bonus for many days. Above all, we think of small gas stations and those that are not linked to a business group,” Montero remarked.

Likewise, that same day, the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, pointed out that the commitment of the Ministry of Finance to release the advances as soon as possible is what he believes “would solve the problem without any doubt.” Vara remarked that “obviously if more than a week went by we would have a problem” and that the small gas stations “do not have the muscle to hold on.”

The implementation of the bonus caused computer setbacks during the first hours of its application due to the large influx of vehicles from early Friday morning. Many drivers had waited until April 1 to take advantage of the price reduction that is in force until June 30.

All gas stations are obliged to apply it to their prices and, above all, to reflect it on the tickets, referring to Decree Law 6/2022, which establishes this measure, as well as the reduced amount.

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