Tuesday, June 28

FUTPRO, the first female players union, is born

“This is an initiative of the players themselves and from the perspective of women to work one hundred percent for the rights of all players and achieve equality.” The voice of Amanda gutierrez, president of FUTPRO, the first union dedicated exclusively to women’s football, sounded energetically yesterday in the lobby of the ICAB in Barcelona. “Join the change”, proclaimed this player from El Prat and lawyer, who is the head and spokesperson for a union project promoted by Andrea Pereira placeholder image and Patri Guijarro, two Barça footballers.

“There are players who do not reach the minimum interprofessional salary. They are charging 1,000 euros a month”

Amanda Gutiérrez, president of Futpro

“This is not born overnight. It is a project simmered, very slow,” proclaimed this lawyer specialized in labor law and women’s sports law. “It is time to take action,” he said. Gutierrez, While Pereira, seated to her right, listened attentively, as several elite players followed her from the front row of a makeshift press room.

“It is time to take action. There are players who compete in the same League, but they do not have decent or optimal working conditions,” he said. Gutierrez denouncing that the collective agreement, signed six months ago, is not worthy. “There are players who do not reach the minimum interprofessional salary. They are charging 1.00 euros per month,” exclaimed the president of Futpro.

“We must adapt the convention for the regulation of pregnancy. The word maternity only comes out once. Women’s football is a women’s sport. Professional life is fertile life. We cannot tolerate an agreement that does not take maternity into account”, Gutiérrez denounced, indicating that the great objective of Futpro is to obtain equality.

“Seeing the most important players in the country gives us a lot of strength,” said the president and spokesperson, supported by figures such as Alexia Putellas, the new Ballon d’Or, along with the Catalans Paños, Jenni Hermoso and Irene Paredes, in addition to the promoters ( Pereira and Patri Guijarro), along with Laia Alexandri and Lola Gallardo (Atlético de Madrid), Anna Torrodá (Valencia), Garazi Murua (Athletic) or Nerea Eizagirre (Real Sociedad).

“Incomprehensible situations”

“We are taking a first step, being here and being part of the first women’s soccer union is a pleasure. We have been fighting for years in the field so that our work is valued. And now we have to do it in the social sphere so that they treat us as what we are: professional footballers, “Pereira stressed.

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“We cannot continue to live on empty words or good intentions. Now there is a union that is going to fight for them and for all their rights,” exclaimed the Barça player, determined to change “Spanish women’s football” where realities coexist very diverse. “It is seen that in the same League there are two or three teams that meet the minimum. But there are situations in other teams that are incomprehensible. There is that of Rayo and that of other clubs. It does not help us or for people to come to see us “Pereira denounced.

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