Monday, January 24

Futurmoda exceeds your expectations and surpasses the 5,000 visitor barrier

It came as a fair for economic reactivation after the hard times caused by the pandemic and has exceeded the best of expectations. The 46th edition of Futurmoda, the international show for the auxiliary footwear industry, closed its doors yesterday at the Alicante Fair Institution (IFA) after having passed the 5,000 visitors in the two days that it has lasted, with an average of more than fifty clients a day in their 215 exhibitors. When the fair was presented last Monday in Elche, its managers assured that reaching 3,000 visitors would be a success. At the inauguration the bar was raised to 4,000 and, once the footwear event was over, the data shows that more than 5,000 visitors have passed through IFA.

“We did not expect such a positive result”, said this Thursday the president of Futurmoda, Jose Antonio Ibarra, at the closing of the international show. «They have been two fantastic days, in which many more people have come than expected. After two years with the industry stopped due to the coronavirus, it has been important to show that we have risen after such a hard blow. The exhibitors are very happy because they have seen that their effort has had the reward of achieving visibility in front of the manufacturers “, added Ibarra himself.

Given the current health situation and the year and a half without fair activity, the organizers of Futurmoda had doubts about the response that the public was going to offer, fears that quickly dissipated. The closed figures for the opening day on Wednesday confirm the presence of 2,427 visitors. Without the definitive data on Thursday, the truth is that on the second day the influx of people was still greater. Along with local and national exhibitors, firms from Italy, Portugal, France, Austria and Romania. But the visitors have represented many more nationalities, since at IFA there have also been German, British, Swedish, American, Israeli, Norwegian, Russian, Belgian, Dutch and Greek audiences.


“We have been surprised by the response and national and international businessmen leave very happy”, declares the general director of the Spanish Association of Footwear Component Companies (AEC), Álvaro Sánchez. The results that Futurmoda has offered have been superior to those obtained by another of the major European events in the sector, Lineapelle in Milan, in its latest edition, which took place last September. “Some of our exhibitors have come to serve a hundred clients in one day, they have not stopped working at any time”, adds Sánchez.

Prior to the start of the international show, and due to the measures that had to be taken due to the pandemic, 3,000 visitors had registered through the internet. “We thought that many would not come and, finally, it has not been like that”, declares the general director of AEC. The dimensions that Futurmoda has reached have forced many companies to be left out, forcing us to rethink one more than possible expansion for the next edition, which will take place in March next year and in which the organization hopes that the health situation offers even more guarantees.

The international salon also appreciates the presence of President Ximo Puig at the inauguration. All in all, the sector demands more institutional support. «We have transferred to Puig the need for the auxiliary footwear industry to receive support to invest in design, innovation and sustainability, something that is increasingly demanded by our customers. We have to work hard to maintain our competitiveness and remain relevant in the global picture», Concludes the general director of AEC.

Occupy one more pavilion at IFA, target for the March edition

The good results achieved in Futurmoda encourage its organizers to grow physically for the next edition, which will take place in March next year. “We are already working on it. We have now occupied a pavilion at IFA and our aim is to grow reasonably and sustainably. Nor can we pretend to occupy another pavilion without guaranteeing that the costs can be covered, ”says the general director of AEC, Álvaro Sánchez. In this edition, 10,000 of the 13,000 square meters of IFA’s pavilion number 2 have been occupied. To add the other, its height, lighting and access conditions must be taken into account.

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